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School Buses

How do I know if I am Eligible?

Students that attend Pukekohe High School are able to catch the bus. If they live further than 4.8km away from Pukekohe High School.

What Bus do I catch?

The route maps are available online, see link:

School bus routes, timetables and bus stop information 

Bus Route Service Area Area Code
F1 Paparata Paparimu D02078
F2 Ararimu Paparata D020711
F3 Bombay Pukekohe East D020713
F4 Pokeno D020712
F5 Tuakau Buckland D020707
F6 Waiau Pa Kingseat Patumahoe D020706
F7 Mauku D020705
F8 Helvetia D020702
F9 Patumahoe D020710
F10 Ramarama D020709
F11 Puni D020703

Buses leave at 3:30pm on Wednesdays and 3:35pm all other weekdays.

Students need to be at these locations EARLY to ensure they DO NOT MISS THEIR BUS.

How Much Do I Have To Pay?

Students that meet the minimum distance requirement of 4.8km will be eligible for free transport on the bus service, provided there is not an alternative school closer to their home that they could be attending. Otherwise a cost of $100 per term (or $350 per year, if paid by 1 February) will have to be paid to Murphys Buses.

The Ministry of Education has a handy video on their website that helps explains the eligibility criteria for school transport assistance.

Students that meet the above requirement but have to be driven a distance of 2.8km in order to get to the closest bus pickup point could also be reimbursed the cost of petrol used (see conveyance allowance below).

Application For Transport Assistance Form

Have to drive to catch the bus?

You may be eligible to get the money you spend on petrol back if you have to transport your children more than 2.8km to the nearest bus pickup point. (Provided you meet the eligibility criteria). If you feel that this is the case you can apply for conveyance allowance here with more information available here. Forms should be returned to the student reception so that section B can be completed by the school.


Students who travel on a bus may continue to do so while they behave in a reasonable and safe manner. An outline of what expected behaviour looks like can be found in the document Student Behaviour.
Student Behaviour
If a student fails to comply with expected behaviours they may be asked to sign a code of conduct form and have to adhere to the terms therein. See a copy of the code of conduct below.
Code Of Conduct

Who do I talk to?

Any questions about buses should be directed to the acting bus controller
Mrs Yeomans.
Phone 09 237-0117
Payment should be directed to Murphy Buses.

Auckland Office 11 Heb Place, Takanini
PO Box 72 599, Papakura
Auckland 2244
Phone: 09 268 6620
Fax: 09 268 6623

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BYOD for Learning

With the resurfacing of COVID in our region and changes in
Alert Levels causing students to continue their learning from home, having a
reliable device at home to access online learning, remain connected with
teachers, and receive feedback about their work makes 
BYOD more essential than

Click here for a reminder of our BYOD recommendations.