Pukekohe High School New School Values

In Term 4 2018, the Behaviour and Relationships for Learning team was created to develop a new system to help raise expectations and standards for our whole school.

To ensure our school values are relevant and widely understood, we consulted with our wider school community.  Whaanau/families, teachers, staff, and students both present and past were invited to take part in a community consultation survey. This was to find out what was important to create the best possible culture for our school.

The team collated and analysed all the responses to the survey. Members of our Maaori faculty were consulted to link the common themes from the community consultation to a kaupapa Maaori context.

A Values Matrix was created which included the values that everyone believed were important. The staff and students gave their feedback.  It is important that this document is clear, concise and usable by everyone. This matrix sets out the expectations for everyone and will guide all the interactions within our school community.

Please take the time to read the Values Matrix and, if you have any questions, please contact Deputy Principal, Renée Neville: nv@pukekohehigh.school.nz