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Learning Support Department

Our Learning Support Department supports students with a range of particular needs, to ensure everyone gets what they need in order to be successful at Pukekohe High School. These supports range from specialist support in literacy and numeracy, Teacher Aide in-class support, Ministry of Education applications, assistive technology support, specialised co-ordination across teaching staff and pastoral teams, and co-ordination with community agencies.

Please feel free to access the support your child needs by contacting:
Amelia Bodman – Head of Learning Support

Learning Support Co-ordinators

The role of the Learning Support Coordinator is to identify and plan for the learning support needs of all children and young people at Pukekohe High School. We are available to support learners, parents and their whaanau. Our intention is to simplify the system for our learners to access services that can support our students. We will build the capability of kaiako through a collaborative approach that organises learning support around what best meets the needs of children.

Our Learning Support Co-ordinators:
Esther Williams – Year 9

Chantal Krybolder – Year 10

Jude Webber – Year 11

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BYOD for Learning

With the resurfacing of COVID in our region and changes in
Alert Levels causing students to continue their learning from home, having a
reliable device at home to access online learning, remain connected with
teachers, and receive feedback about their work makes 
BYOD more essential than

Click here for a reminder of our BYOD recommendations.