We have a subscription to Office 365 which will enable all students & teachers to install Office 365 on their own devices.
This will give access to Office applications on any device.
There will be a form produced so that students & staff can apply for a license which they can use to register on their own machines.
The decision to use Microsoft products to standardise across our school naturally puts us firmly in the Microsoft camp and will therefore excluded other systems like Google.
You may install the Office 365 license key on up to 5 of your own devices.
– DO NOT share this key with anyone else.
– Being a Cloud service all activity and installations are logged.
– Your license key will be active as long as you are enrolled at Pukekohe High School.
– Your MS Office 365 username is your school email address eg 0000@pukekohehigh.school.nz
– Installation Instructions are below.
– The School’s Computer Use Policies also apply to use of this account.
Complete this setup from your Home Internet Connection…
Office 365 Setup & Access:
1.    Attach to Internet
2.    Go to the Office 365 sign-in page, Office.com
3.    Username is your school email address: 0000@pukekohehigh.school.nz
Keyin your Password.

4.    Click on settings icon 
5.    Change Theme if you wish, Select Office 365 Settings
6.    Select 
7.    Select or 
8.    If Desktop, Select Run Setup
9.    If Phone or Tablet, Select & then choose your device

10.    Follow prompts to setup your device.
11.    Home view