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BYOD Registration Form

Please fill out and return to your Kaiaawhina (Form Teacher) as soon as possible.

BYOD Printing


  1. Your device must be attached to the school’s wifi to print
  2. Log into your Papercut account at
  3. Only able to print using standard settings:
    • A4 only, single sided
    • No access to “properties” tab
    • Can print B&W or Colour
    • Only able to print PDF, some picture files or Office Doc’s, SS’s etc
  4. There are 2 options:
    • Via Papercut user account or school email
  5. Both methods require you to “release” the print job either via your Papercut account or login at any school printer/copier (3373 models).
    Swipe your card and login to release your print jobs.

Method 1: Papercut

  1. In a web browser go to
    Login with your Office 365 username & password or your username & copy card PIN
  2. Click “Web Print”
  3. Click “Submit a Job”
  4. Select Find_Me for B&W print job or Find_Me_Colour for Colour print
  5. Select “Print Options and Account Selection”
  6. Select Personal or Shared account if available.
  7. Select “Upload Documents”
  8. Upload fro Computer or Drag & Drop files
  9. Select “Upload and Complete”
  10. Your print job will appear on the Web Print page
    The print job will be held until you release it. There are 2 options:

    • A. In Papercut go to “Jobs Pending Release: Click Release All
      Select the Printer you would like to print to and the job will complete
    • B. Go to the Printer/Copy you would like to collect the print job from.
      Swipe your copy card & login. Select Release Pending jobs.

Method 2: Via School email

Use your school email account to send a print job.
Only PDF, some picture files and MS Office files.
Remember, only standard formats, single sided etc.

Send your print job as an attachment:
B&W print jobs should be sent to
Colour print jobs should be sent to

Respond to the return emails.
You will need to release your print job as above:
A. Log into your Papercut account and release the job. See section 11 above.
B: Go to the Printer/Copy you would like to collect the print job from.
Swipe your copy card & login. Select Release Pending jobs.

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Daily Notices

BYOD Recommendations

BYOD Recommendations

As a school we don’t believe that mandating a particular device is necessary, and because individual student needs differ, this can be a complex question to answer. We do, however, suggest you consider carefully the following minimum specifications for a suitable digital device at Pukekohe High School:

  • Wireless networking capability using 802.11g or n
  • 5 hours of use from one battery charge
  • Large screen (7.9 inches minimum) enough to work with documents in order to create and edit content
  • The ability to run a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) that will allow it to access Internet and other learning resources
  • The school will provide an account for Office 365 for all students.  This can be installed on up to five devices and will give access to all MS Office 365 in a web browser or on their device.
  • Touch screen and stylus capability (desirable but not necessary)
  • Is lightweight, but robust enough to handle daily use
  • Is in a protective carrying case
  • Given the above guidelines we suggest you seriously consider using a full function Windows laptop.

Important Notes:

  • Although not ideal, Chromebooks are compatible with our network. 
  • Pukekohe High School does not provide finance arrangements for devices.  For this reason, local and online suppliers are aware of our recommendations and will help you choose the right device for your student, its use at school and your budget.