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Students are expected to wear correct school uniform at school, when travelling to and from school, at official school events and on official school trips as appropriate. All uniform items should be clean and tidy and worn correctly at all times.  All uniform items must be clearly named.  If, for a valid reason, a student is unable to wear correct uniform they need a note from home.

Uniform can also be purchased from The Uniform Shoppe at 7A Glasgow Road, Pukekohe.

Uniform can also be ordered online from The Uniform Shoppe:

Uniform (All years):

  • School jersey
  • School fleece
  • School jacket
  • Plain black shoes (including black sole and laces)
  • Black sandals with a heel strap – no socks to be worn with sandals
  • School cap
  • School bucket hat
  • School beanie
  • Black scarf
  • Black socks
  • School tie

Physical Education

There must be a change of clothing from normal school uniform.  Any clean, non-offensive shirt and shorts are permissible.
Additionally, a t-shirt or singlet in house colour is useful to have for inter-house competitions.

  • Mataii – Black
  • Puuriri– Red
  • Maahoe – Blue
  • Tiitoki– Green
  • Maanuka – Yellow

 Other Uniform Options:

  • Both males and females can wear the full range of either standard or senior uniform. There are also long pants available for both males and females.
  • Year 13 will have the option of wearing their leavers apparel as part of their uniform.
  • Students who acquire other Pukekohe High School uniform items through participation in sports, music or other cultural events are allowed to wear these items as a part of their school uniform.

Additional Uniform Guidelines:

Students are expected and encouraged to take pride in their general appearance and follow these guidelines:

  • Hair should be kept clean and tidy.
  • Skirts should be correct school uniform and of appropriate length.
  • The only items of jewellery permitted are sleepers or plain studs, a watch, a culturally significant item such as a taonga worn around the neck. Allowed jewellery should be removed when necessary for health and safety reasons (such as during Physical Education).  Other body piercings (e.g. nose, eyebrow) must be free of jewellery during the school day.
  • Additional dress guidelines are issued prior to any mufti days.

In agreement with SAS Sports Ltd. all school apparel requirements including, but not limited to: school uniform, sports uniforms, and leaver’s apparel etc. must be sourced from SAS Sports Ltd.


News & Events

Homestays Needed for 2024
If you’re interested in hosting international students attending our school during July and August, please contact Lydia Firmin-Cavanagh. Email for more information.

Daily Notices

  • Homestays Needed
    We have groups of international students arriving in July & August who need homestay families. If you are interested in hosting international students, please contact Ms Firmin -
  • Waikato Uni – Scholarship Presentation
    Careers Centre, Wednesday 22nd May, 10:30am.
  • Waikato Uni Open Day – Bus Transport
    Please return your signed permission slips if you have put your name down to attend the Waikato Open Day on Friday 24th May.
  • University of Canterbury Scholarship Presentation
    Careers Centre, Wednesday 5th June 11:30am
  • Gymnastics and tumbling
    Can all experienced gymnasts and tumblers who want to enter the schools competition please send Miss Ashford (Meghan Ashford) a message on Teams and go to the sports office to register your entry. Entries close soon. Competition is 13th June.
  • School Uniform

    Standard Uniform (Compulsory Years 9-10)

    • White blouse or grey jacquard polo shirt
    • Charcoal pleated skirt – knee length
    • Charcoal pleated skirt – long
    • Charcoal grey shorts
    • Black trousers
    • Black socks or black opaque pantyhose

    Standard Uniform (Optional Years 11-13)

    Year 11, 12 and 13 can opt to wear the senior uniform.  This is optional.  Students do not have to wear it; they can continue to wear the other standard uniform for their whole schooling time at Pukekohe High School.  If chosen, the senior uniform must be worn in its entirety – not a mixture of this and the Year 9-10 uniform.  Students can start wearing the senior uniform from the beginning of Year 11.

    • Black and white blouse
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Short sleeve shirt
    • Black pleated skirt – knee length
    • Black pleated skirt -long
    • Black shorts
    • Black trousers
    • Black socks
    • Blazer

    Price List

    Standard Uniform (Compulsory Years 9-10) Prices

    White Blouse $48.00 Grey Polo $45.00 Jumper from $90.00
    Short Skirt Pleated Charcoal $65.00 Charcoal Shorts $39.50 Trouser Charcoal $58.00
    Long Skirt Pleated Charcoal $90.00 Softshell Jacket $99.00 Black Socks 2 pack $12.50
    Softshell Jacket $99.00 Fleece Jacket $65.00 Black Tie General $26.00
    Fleece Jacket $65.00 Sandwich Cap Black $20.00
    Black/Red Snap Cap $20.00
    Bucket Hat $20.00

    Standard Uniform (Optional Years 11-13) Prices

    Short Sleeve Blouse $58.00 Short Sleeve Shirt $58.00 Jumper                from $90.00
    Short Skirt Pleated Black $60.00 Long Sleeve Shirt $59.00 Trouser Charcoal $58.00
    Long Skirt Pleated Black $75.00 Black Short $39.50 Black Socks 2 pack $12.50
    Softshell Jacket $99.00 Softshell Jacket $99.00 Black Tie General $26.00
    Fleece Jacket $65.00 Men’s Black Trouser $65.00 Sandwich Cap Black $20.00
    Black Trousers $82.00 Boys Striped Blazer $145.00 Black/Red Snap Cap $20.00
    Striped Blazer $145.00 Bucket Hat $20.00
    Red Tie Prefect $26.00

    BYOD for Learning

    With the resurfacing of COVID in our region and changes in
    Alert Levels causing students to continue their learning from home, having a
    reliable device at home to access online learning, remain connected with
    teachers, and receive feedback about their work makes 
    BYOD more essential than

    Click here for a reminder of our BYOD recommendations.