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Junior Prize Giving Results

2021 Year 10 Awards


Values Awards:

Ako                                          Takaua Taumoefolau

Manaakitanga                   Mariam Moharam

Puumautanga                    Colby Fuimaono

Arahitanga                          Matt Chiesa

Kotahitanga                       Summer O’Neill


2021 Year 9 Awards


Values Awards:

Ako                                           Teija-Lee Jones

Manaakitanga                    Andre O’Callaghan

Puumautanga                    Helena Park

Arahitanga                          Hufia Taumoefolau

Kotahitanga                       Abby Stensness

News & Events

Year 9 Project Based Learning
Recently our year 9 students engaged in project-based learning activities over three days. Each project was a collaboration between two learning areas and students were…

BYOD for Learning

With the resurfacing of COVID in our region and changes in
Alert Levels causing students to continue their learning from home, having a
reliable device at home to access online learning, remain connected with
teachers, and receive feedback about their work makes 
BYOD more essential than

Click here for a reminder of our BYOD recommendations.