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Languages Department – Japanese News

Y12 & 13 Japanese students see opportunities abroad

Recently, our year 12& 13 Japanese students were able to connect online with a kiwi living in Japan. The students heard how Sarah was able to get an apprenticeship in sword polishing & sharpening, and how she uses her māori culture to connect with others. 

Zoom call with speaker from Japan 

On Thursday 2nd March our Y12 & 13 Japanese studying students took part in a zoom call with Sarah McCann, a kiwi living in Japan. Sarah introduced the various jobs she has in Japan such as Katana sword polishing & sharpening, coaching, & engaging with the consulate to assist in the Kapa Haka group. Sarah is currently halfway through a 10-year apprenticeship learning how to traditionally polish & sharpen swords. The highlight for students was when Sarah was able to show them a 400-year old sword that she is currently working on.

The students also had the opportunity to ask questions about cultural differences and language learning tips & tricks. The students had a fantastic time, hearing about how to embrace our culture overseas, and were reminded to take every opportunity they can. As well as this, Sarah mentioned how lucky we are to be able to learn the Māori language, as it is very similar sounding to Japanese and they share quite a few cultural practices too. Sarah’s final advice to students was to learn as much of the language as they could at High School as it will be of great benefit to them when they travel. 

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