International Students – How to Apply

Pukekohe High School International Student Enrolment

The International Student Application form is in Adobe (.pdf) format in the Document section below on this page.

This form must be printed and completed then faxed or emailed to:

Director of International Students
Pukekohe High School
PO Box 306

If your application is accepted, you will be sent an “Offer of Place” letter. You will need this and a receipt for the course fees to get a student visa from New Zealand Immigration.

Further information or enrolment forms can be obtained by contacting:

Pukekohe High School
PO Box 306
Telephone: +64+9+237-0117 Fax: +64+9+238-6084

Homestay and Welfare
It is important that students have a comfortable and friendly place to live in while they are studying at Pukekohe High School. Homestays are organised through the school. More information will be sent to students needing homestay. The cost is $NZ285 per week for full accommodation. It is a requirement of the school that international students live in homestay accommodation organised or approved by the school.

International students are under the guidance of the Director of International Students. Parents and agents are welcome to contact the Director during school hours.

Responsibilities of Pukekohe High School
We undertake to provide students with:

  • A course which helps them achieve the education outcome they require.
  • English language assistance if this is needed.
  • Support and guidance from trained counsellors.
  • Friendly, comfortable home stay accommodation with approved families.
  • Reports on academic progress.
  • Information to families/agents regarding any problems which arise.

School Dates
These are a guideline only as they change slightly each year.

  • The school year commences in late January and continues until mid-December.
  • Senior students leave in mid-November to prepare for NCEA examinations.
  • Year 11, 12 & 13 students sit national examinations in late November and early December.
  • Summer holidays are from mid-December to the end of January each year.

The School Day
The school day commences at 8.40am and ends are 3.25pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and ends 1.50pm on Wednesdays.

Criteria for Enrolment at Pukekohe High School information is outlined in the “Criteria For Enrolment” document below.