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Young Enterprise Scheme Experience

The BizVenture China programme that Richie attended in April, gave students the opportunity to visit businesses who export to China. Students engage in Chinese cultural activities, and compete in a competition for the best market entry strategy for a NZ company into China.
It was very competitive to be selected for this programme. Only 18 students were selected out of 115 applications for one of the YES Extreme Experiences (from 5,000 YES students nationwide). So just being selected is something to be proud of.
Terry Shubkin, Chief Excitement Officer, from Young Enterprise Scheme said “Richie is a smart young man who asked great questions on the business visit. He embraced all of the cultural activities that we did and bonded well with his peers on the programme. These programmes always offer “life lessons” as well as business and cultural ones. As a group we talked a lot about leadership and I could see that Richie was really taking these lessons on board. I look forward to seeing how Richie grows as a person and a leader.”
Richie said of his experience…. “BizVenture China was a fun and insightful experience. I learnt about Chinese business culture through the learning of etiquette and behaviourism during the NZ China Council Workshop. We also had cultural activities planned out during the week, including: A mandarin speaking workshop, martial arts, temple visit, and calligraphy. I was educated on the trade relations and business operations between NZ companies and the Chinese market during my visits at Lilo, NZTE, Alpha Group Holdings, Grin Natural, Fisher & Paykel, and Zuru.
However I think the highlight of the trip was definitely the social aspect, I was able to network with a number great people during the business visits but also with the 17 other students who attended the programme. 18 teenagers who have never met before, all lumped into the same space and expected to work together in which we did. We all gelled very quickly which was probably assisted by the Masterchef challenge on the first night, it was like being with family. It was such a great time which has allowed me to develop personally in aspects such as leadership, confidence, executive courage, use of business terminology, and my business knowledge.”
Entrepreneurs In Action
Out of 4800 YES students across New Zealand, Leon Meads has been selected as one of the 60 students to participate Entrepreneurs In Action extreme experience in Wellington during the Term 2 holidays.
Students are required to complete a comprehensive application, including a video explaining why they should be selected for the extreme experience.
Well done to both Richie & Leon.

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