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Year 13 Business Studies Company – Read with Me Endorsement

We are thrilled to announce the endorsement from Ngāti Tamaoho Charitable Trust of the creation and publication of a one-of-a-kind learning resource by Year 13 Business Studies Company – Read with Me. This Kaupapa is close to the hearts of these group of students and designed exclusively for Pukekohekohe and beyond!
“Nurturing Young Thinkers: Exploring Critical Skills”
This captivating read not only imparts essential critical thinking skills but also introduces the beauty of Te Reo Maaori with simple, engaging words.
The book is a celebration of heritage and the power of friendship, connecting children to their roots and fostering a sense of unity. 🤝🌏
Join Read with Me on this incredible journey as we empower the next generation with the tools to think, learn, and grow.
Read with Me has been picked up by Wheelers and is available through this link

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