School network changes:

Over the holiday period the school has changed the Student Management System (we will now use Kamar, instead of Edge) and we also changed the email system.  As well, the login system has changed so that just one login is required to access the material that you need (eg email, Office365, Kamar, school computers and so on)
All students will need a replacement password to be able to login to the new system.  Once they have that they will then be able to access their timetable.
Students will be provided with fresh passwords by their vertical form teacher on the first day of school (Wed 30th Jan for new students, including year 9, and year 13.  Thursday 31st Jan for years 10, 11 and 12).

Click here to access the Kamar Portal  (only for Parents & Students)

Wednesday 30 January 2019 (All new students plus Year 13)

8.45                 All new students plus all new staff assemble in the front courtyard

[Note 1: If fine, the welcome will be held on the grass in front of the Science Block. If wet, a reduced ceremony will be held in the hall.]

Note 2: New Year 9 students must read lists posted on noticeboards to find out which house they are in before they go in to the welcoming celebration.

Note 3: parents have been invited to attend our welcoming ceremony too.

Note 4: visitors at main entrance end of front lawn

9.00            Poowhiri for Year 9 students, plus all other new students in Years 10 – 13 plus all new staff. All other staff, plus peer support leaders, on the allocated seating at the front.

9.30            At the conclusion of the poowhiri all people new to our school invited to share in food and drink (courtyard in front of the library) – opportunity for students to check the 5 lists (one for each House) so that they know where to go for their House meetings.

9.50            Students plus vertical form teachers assemble in the assigned areas (below) to meet the Dean. [Parents will be invited to accompany their child to the House area.]

Blake House                – Hall                                                     Day House               – New gym

Jellicoe House            – Library                                              Massey House        – Dreaver Gym

Perkins House            – Upper Massey Corridor


Any “lost” students will be taken to their House area once the majority of students have left.

10:05          Students allocated to vertical forms by Deans. As each vertical form group is allocated, form teachers move off to classrooms. [Parent will be invited to accompany their child to meet the vertical form teacher.]

Once students allocated, SLT (and others) in courtyard with students without vertical forms

Year 9s, 13s and VFTs – Introductions and activities. Detailed programme and resources provided

NB- No specific interval break

10.30          All available non-VFT staff, in particular Deans and SLT in Library to process outstanding course issues.

Noon-12:45 Lunch

12:45-2.00 Start of year programme continues for Year 9, 13 and VFTs. Detailed programme and resources provided.

2.00                 Year 9 Assembly in hall.

Year 13 with course issues to resolve, to library.

3.00                 Year 9 bus students stay with YE in the hall. All other Year 9 students may go home.
NB:      buses run at 3:30pm-no route changes

3.25                 Year 12-13 course confirmation completed.

Thursday 31 January 2019 (whole school)

8.40            Vertical form time          Vertical forms for all Yr 9-13 students-introductions as Yr 9s have not met Yrs 10-12s.

  1. Whakawhanaungatanga
  2. Printed timetable
  3. Log-ins and digital citizenship
  4. Student Handbook

10.20                           Full School Assembly – on the bank

10:45   – 11:35            Interval

11:40                           Period 3

Any seniors with no timetabled class report to the library.  

12:45                           Period 4

Any seniors with no timetabled class report to the library.  

1:45                             Lunch

2:30                             Period 5

Any seniors with no timetabled class report to the library.  

 Friday 1 February 2019 (whole school)

8.40                             Normal timetabled classes.

3:25                             Classes end