The inaugural Sustainability Night Market was held in the courtyard of Pukekohe High School on 12 September 2019 showcasing the products from year 12 and 13 Business Studies students.

“It seemed a natural thing to do as the students’ businesses all seemed to be focused on being innovative and sustainable”, says Carolyn Bach, Head of Business Studies. “A market was the perfect forum for the students to show their sustainable ideas.  We had the products, the food trucks and the music pumping to make the night a success. Between 200-300 people were there on the night.”

If you are keen on looking after the environment when you’re out camping and tramping, you should definitely buy some single use, environmentally friendly soap from Eco Orbs.  Their soap does not contain any micro beads that end up in the ocean, or use plastic containers that you bring home and put into the landfill.  The soap shape is innovative – a charcoal orb with its own travel bag.

What about a reusable bag containing metal straws, beeswax wraps, produce bags, containers and cups that can be used repeatedly?  – then purchasing a bag of goodies from REPEAT is a must for the environmentally conscious consumer.  The bag of contents sets up any family to try and remove the use of gladwrap, and other packaging in lunches and general shopping.

International fashion designer Trelise Cooper worked with the ‘Urban Scrunchies’ group by supplying offcut fabric for them to make stunning hair scrunchies – with top grade fabrics.  The scrunchies look stunning and have been a huge success.

And what about social sustainability with KNACK setting up workshops at school to help students get ‘work ready’ and then matching them up with possible employers for part time work? An awesome service to help students put together CV’s and trained in interview techniques.

And of course there has to be gifts for everyone… gorgeous soap, lip balm, key rings, car fresheners, starter kits for new pets, or gift boxes for boys and girls.   Pet beds infused with scents to help animals who are anxious made from upcycled t-shirts – what a fantastic idea!

Many non-for profit organisations benefit from these groups selling their products.  We need to help keep our waterways clean, our landfills empty of plastic and ensure our grandchildren have a nice place to live and work in the future. The students involved in the Sustainability Night Market help achieve this – what fantastic ambassadors of the school.

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