Being a Positive Place of Learning is about the way we teach.
* A subject range from year 9 into specialist subjects in the senior school, offering pathways to career development and further study.
* Learner-centred classrooms where teachers know their learners and learners are supported.
* Learners are encouraged to bring their own digital devices to support their learning.
* Specialised individual support for learners with specific learning needs.
* Identifying individual learning needs and supporting learners to achieve success.
* Teaching and learning practices which embrace manaakitanga and ako.
* Reinforcing junior foundational skills and habits which lead to NCEA success.
* The year 10 programme provides learners with challenging learning opportunities to build confidence and a keen interest in learning within real world contexts.

To do this, we strive to:
*  help our learners enjoy success and make accelerated progress.
* have learners who understand themselves as learners and know what their next steps are towards achievement.
* ensure that our year 9 and 10 learners are achieving at levels that prepare them well for NCEA by having all junior learners achieving.
* exceed national averages in all NCEA qualifications and NCEA subjects.
* continually increase the number of learners achieving excellence and merit endorsements in NCEA.
* improve on the number of learners achieving elite tertiary study scholarships.
* support our learners to achieve success in the scholarship exams.