Te Huarahi Ako Kia Ora Tōnu  Learning Pathway for Life

 “Learning pathway for life” Pukekohe Community of Learning

The Pukekohe Community of Learning (COL) includes over 6000 students in years 1 to 13 across 17 schools. The schools also vary from rural to semi rural to urban.  Roll numbers range from 30 to 1600 and include two secondary schools, one intermediate, one special school, seven full primary and six contributing primary schools. There is a traditional pathway with most students progressing through to Pukekohe High School after moving through the intermediate or from full primaries. A smaller number of students progress through to Wesley College (in particular our Pasifika students).  98% of pre-schoolers in the community access early childhood education so it will be important that we maintain our well established links with our early childhood education networks

Many of the schools were founded in the late 19th century and most enjoy good parent, whānau and community support.  Most serve relatively settled communities.  A few schools are experiencing roll fluctuations owing to population transience and the impact of new housing developments.

Across the group 20% of students are Māori and 5% are Pasifika. Within some schools there are up to 87% Māori students and 22% Pasifika students, so the schools themselves are demographically varied.   There is a bilingual pathway for our students within Pukekohe North Primary with options of studying Te Reo within our secondary context. Two schools (Pukekohe Hill and Pukekohe Intermediate) offer a Maori enrichment programme.

Most of the schools have a history of working together through Franklin based initiatives and have demonstrated this most recently with the Te Huarahi Initiative that encompassed schools, ECE, Nga Hau E Wha Marae, whānau and support agencies.

All schools have at least a three year return time for their ERO reviews.

Parkside Special School is a member of the Pukekohe Community of Learning. Parkside caters for young people aged 5 – 21 years with individual learning challenges that mean they may not achieve beyond levels 1-2 of the New Zealand Curriculum. The wider Pukekohe community has welcomed Parkside students, the majority of whom are located within satellite classrooms in local mainstream schools.

In July 2015 Parkside School had roll of 130 students with 88 boys and 42 girls of which 40 were Maori, 3 Pasifika,  9 Asian, 71 European and 7 other.

Parkside has 11 satellite classes throughout 6 schools in the Pukekohe Community of Learning and a Community Based Transition programme for 18 to 21 year olds

The Parkside satellite network provides the best of both worlds: specialist programming and social interaction with mainstream peers. The support from Pukekohe schools means that the Parkside network is completely inclusive and offers primary, intermediate and secondary opportunities.

In addition to the network of satellites, the community subscribes to the Outreach Programme offered by Parkside specialist teachers. This programme ensures that all students with specialist programming requirements are catered for. The Outreach Programme also supports staff within the network of schools as they strive to achieve the best outcomes for all students.

Pukekohe Community of Learning ’s Vision

Te Huarahi Ako Kia Ora Tōnu

 Learning Pathway for Life

Mission Values Challenges and Strategic Goals




Te Huarahi Ako Kia Ora Tōnu


This refers to the journey, or pathway that our learners are on as they progress through our primary schools, the year 7 and 8 years and into the secondary school environment.


The analogy is that there is a clearly marked out pathway and understanding of what we need to do to support our learners to be the best they can be.


It also means that since it is a clearly marked pathway,

If at any stage you are lost or move away from the pathway, it is easy for others or yourself to find your way back onto it to continue the journey.


The Pukekohe inclusive Community of Learning welcomes all students and believes they can participate in all aspects of school life.









These were common values and themes across many of the schools. The concept that we are a market garden area helped inform the RIPE acronym.



Respect:          Tikanga

Integrity:           Mana

Passion:           Hirihiri

Excellence:      Kairangi



The Pukekohe Community has a commitment to:


·         Valuing every individual


·         Respecting diversity


·         Providing equitable opportunities for all students


·      Recognising and meeting the learning needs of all students





We identified three overarching common areas of focus that need to be addressed to support our  vision, goals and success:


We will ensure we cater for Diversity, Growth and Transition across the Community of Learning.


Our achievement challenge is to raise mathematics and writing across the COL to 85% at the appropriate curriculum level.


We will achieve our goals through:


·         Raising teacher effectiveness


·         Developing cultural responsiveness


·         Developing relational pedagogy


·         Promoting inclusiveness through effective engagement and transition