Staff Development

Student achievement is at the core of why we exist as a school. “Our purpose is to be a positive place of learning where people are challenged and equipped to fulfill their potential and to achieve their aspirations.” This means, amongst other things, that we need to apply best practice in our teaching techniques in the school.

If student achievement is the key focus of Pukekohe High School, then having highly skilled, highly motivated teaching staff is not far behind. If students are to achieve their potential, then teachers need to achieve their potential as well.

For this reason, our aim is to foster a culture of professionalism and collegiality amongst the teaching staff of Pukekohe High School and to place professional development at the forefront of our activities.

Our identified school priorities for professional development are currently in the areas of:

  • increasing effectiveness of teaching and learning (including techniques for improving literacy, recognizing and catering for differing learning styles, catering for gifted and talented students)
  • developing student management techniques that focus on relationship building and problem solving (including restorative practice)
  • raising Maori achievement through Te Kotahitanga
  • developing differentiated teaching programmes to meet individual learning needs
  • using assessment information to guide teaching and learning

In addition to the above, professional development time is assigned to subject departments for their own needs such as curriculum planning, assessment development, NCEA training and moderation.

Staff also have the opportunity to apply to go on particular courses provided by external sources that are appropriate to their teaching area or personal development.

A dedicated time for professional development is assigned each Wednesday afternoon from 2.30 for approximately an hour. Students are dismissed at 2.00 pm.