The Process for Enrolment 2020

Thank you for considering Pukekohe High School as a place of study for your student. Our process for enrolment is outlined below.

We have two methods of enrolment available.

OPTION ONE: is the ‘Drop Off’ for parents/caregivers who have fully completed enrolment forms and all of the documents required (as listed below). Drop Off will take a couple of minutes, during which time we will check all necessary areas on the enrolment card are completed and signed by parent/caregivers and student and that all documents are at hand to be copied.

OPTION TWO: is an interview to discuss your student’s learning needs, interest and strengths, as well as answering any questions that you may have. Interviews are to be completed with the student and parent/caregiver and will take around 10-15 minutes. Please fully complete the enrolment card prior to the interview and also bring the required documents (as listed below).

Enrolments can only be processed with the documents listed below. Please bring these with you to the interview. If you have photocopies the originals are required for verification.

  • Fully completed enrolment card (link to download below – landscape print)
  • Completed computer declaration form for student and parent (links to download below)
  • Birth Certificate for student (even if not born in New Zealand)
  • Proof of residence in Pukekohe High School zone (electricity or phone account)
  • Proof of residence in New Zealand – passport and visa documentation for both student and parents
  • Copies of any relevant information you consider would be helpful

A student living in zone, is confirmed as enrolled at Pukekohe High School only after the completion and signing of the enrolment declaration following an enrolment interview.

Enrolment Zone

Pukekohe High School has a Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme.  Under this scheme, students will be enrolled if they live within the home zone. A copy of the zone is available from the school office or here on our website.

Out of Zone Enrolment

The Pukekohe High School Board of Trustees has determined that out of zone enrolments will be accepted from siblings of current students and that there will be no limit on the number of such enrolments.