Where Can I Buy My Uniform

SAS, the Pukekohe High School uniform provider, will move to Jan’s Uniform Shop at 19 Manukau Road and will open from 14 January 2019.
The shop hours are as follows:
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
There will also be 2 late nights: January 23rd & 24th with a closing time on 7pm.

Pukekohe High School uniform shop has moved to Jan’s Uniform Shop at 19 Manukau Road is managed and supplied by The Uniform Shoppe.

Your uniform can be purchased online from

http://theuniformshoppe.co.nz or from Jan’s Uniform Shop at 19 Manukau Road.
Please note that all online orders need to be collected from Jan’s Uniform Shop.

Shop opening hours, uniform prices and uniform regulations are all published on the Uniform Group webshop.

Where is the School Uniform Shop?

Jan’s Uniform Shop at 19 Manukau Road

All students must wear correct regulation uniform at school, on the way to and from school, and on all official school trips.

At all times clothing must be neat, clean and tidy and worn correctly.

All articles of clothing must be clearly named.

Boys/Girls Uniform

  • School jersey
  • School jacket
  • Plain black shoes (including black sole and laces)
  • Black or brown sandals with a heel strap – no socks to be worn with sandals
  • School cap
  • School bucket hat
  • School beanie
  • Black scarf
  • Black socks
  • School tie

 Girls Years 9-11 Uniform

  • White blouse or Grey jacquard polo shirt
  • Charcoal pleated skirt – knee length
  • Charcoal pleated skirt – long (made to order, 3 week wait)
  • White, black socks or black opaque pantyhose
  • Charcoal grey long pants
  • Charcoal grey shorts

Boys Years 9-11 Uniform

  • Charcoal grey shorts
  • Charcoal grey long pants.
  • Grey jacquard polo shirt
  • Black socks

pukekohe high junior uniform

Physical Education
Any clean, non-offensive shirt and shorts are permissible.
There must be a change of clothing from normal school uniform.
A tee-shirt or singlet in house colour is useful to have for inter-house competitions.

  • Blake – Silver/Black
  • Day – Red
  • Jellicoe – Blue
  • Massey – Green
  • Perkins – Yellow

Optional Senior Uniform

Students may wear the optional Senior uniform from Term 3 of their Year 11 year.

They must wear the uniform in its entirety, not a mixture of this and the Year 9-11 uniform.

Optional Girls Senior Uniform

  • Black & white blouse
  • Black pleated skirt – knee length
  • Black pleated skirt -long
  • Black girls’ trousers
  • Black socks
  • Blazer

Optional Boys Senior Uniform

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Short sleeve shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black boys’ trousers
  • Black socks
  • Blazer

 pukekohe high senior unifrom

Uniform Regulations

  • Skirts must be of appropriate length.
  • Items of clothing that are not listed above may not be worn as part of the uniform.
  • The uniform is to be worn at school, to and from school and at all school functions.

Personal Grooming

  • Hair must be clean and tidy.
  • Extreme hairstyles and unnatural hair colour are not permitted.
  • Male students need to be clean shaven
  • Natural make up is permitted.
  • Uniform must be clean and worn correctly.

No jewellery of any sort may be worn apart from the following exceptions:

  • A watch
  • A medic-alert bracelet
  • One small stud or sleeper in each earlobe
  • One plain ring on one finger
  • One fine plain link chain around the neck or a necklace of religious/cultural significance.