Information about the school is contained in our Prospectus which is available from the school office or on request by phoning 09 2370117.

Enrolment interviews for Year 9 to Year 13 students can be arranged with our Enrolment Registrar through our main office by phoning 2370117 and scheduling a time with our receptionist.

Please bring relevant documents (copies plus originals for verification).

Documents to bring along: Completed Enrolment Card – sections 1, 3 and 4

  • Completed Computer Declaration form – both student and parent/caregiver signatures required
  • New Zealand birth certificate if your student was born in New Zealand
  • Proof of residence – Pukekohe High School zone (electric or phone account)
  • Proof of residence in NZ – passports (student and parents), visa (students on visas must bring supporting documentation
  • Copies of any relevant information you consider would be helpful, such as school reports

If you have photocopies the originals are required for verification.

The interview will:

  • Take around 10 – 15 minutes
  • Be an opportunity to discuss your student’s learning needs, interests and strengths
  • Be a time where we can answer any questions that you may have

Enrolment interviews are to be completed with a parent/guardian and the student applying. A student is confirmed as enrolled at Pukekohe High School only after an enrolment interview between the school, parent/guardian and student and after the completion and signing of the enrolment card.

Out of Zone Enrolment

The Pukekohe High School Board of Trustees has determined that out of zone enrolments from siblings of current students will be accepted and that there will be no limit on the number of such enrolments.

School Information – PukekoheNET

You are encouraged to scroll through this website to find out information about the school, subject and course information, the school’s charter and other documents. It is also worthwhile going through the “News Centre” and the Newsletters to read about the many aspects of school life and the accomplishments of our students.