International Students – Costs & Fees

How Much Will It Cost? – Fees as at January 2019. The following costs are effective from January 2019. The tuition fees are set by the Board of Trustees. Other costs are estimates only.

The costs of studying at Pukekohe High School are:


a) The tuition fees for a full academic year: $NZ13,400
b) Registration Administration Fee: $NZ750 a year, $NZ500 6 months or less.
c) Uniform: $NZ400-$450
d) Stationery: $NZ65 (estimate)
e) Subject material costs (varies per subject) $NZ65 (estimate)
f) External examination fees (NCEA) $NZ385
g) School trip costs – depending upon subject $NZ40 (estimate)
h) Music equipment hire – varies per instrument $NZ50 (estimate per term)
i) Photocopying and printing fees $NZ0.07 – $1.20 per page (estimate)
j) Homestay:

Placement fee
Homestay fee
Designated Caregiver Fee


$NZ285 per week – Includes $15 admin/bank charge
$NZ350 a year

k) Travel/Medical Insurance compulsory $NZ460 (approx)
4 terms

The parents and/or student agree to pay all tuition fees and additional charges as may from time to time be levied by the school.

Tuition fees do not include costs for general stationery, materials for practical work, music lessons, textbooks, class trip expenses, school uniform. The tuition fee does include the use of most textbooks and internet for the duration of the course.

On acceptance of a place at Pukekohe High School , the Student will be sent a “Conditional Offer of Place” and an invoice for one year’s fees. On receipt of the fees and confirmation of Approval in Principal from New Zealand Immigration Service, the Student’s place at Pukekohe High School will be confirmed in writing.

On renewal of this agreement for a subsequent academic year the student agrees to pay a minimum of one term’s tuition fee as set out in the fees schedule not less than fourteen days prior to the commencement of study.

Where a student wishes to enrol for a period of time that is less than a complete academic year, a tuition fee shall be payable within fourteen days of the date of this agreement in accordance with the fees schedule.

Payment of Fees
Payment may be made by bank transfer, bank cheque or $NZD cash. If a bank transfer is used please:

  • Ensure the student’s name is shown clearly on the bank transmission sheet.
  • Advise Pukekohe High School when payment has been made.
  • After transfer of the funds to Pukekohe High School’s bank has been completed, fax the bank transmission sheet to Pukekohe High School.

Payments may be made in $USD but please remember that the exchange rate fluctuates every day and the amount received by Pukekohe High School may differ from the amount sent.

There are up to five working days between the day you send us money and the day it shows up on our bank statement. Be assured we will send a receipt for every payment you notify us of, as soon as possible.

If you do not notify us of the payment – particularly if you do not include the student’s name – we cannot guarantee when a receipt will be sent.