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International Recognition for Klaksy Instagram & One News Article

Well done to Year 13 student Rushil Patel, whose anime-inspired style has seen his work featured as the cover for a single by S-X and KSI, along with a fan art image of Logan Paul being used by the social media personality. Rushil’s Instagram @klaksy.exe now has over 16,000 followers.
Rushil says of his success:
“Started the account 1 year into Pukekohe High School in the middle of lockdown. It started as a hobby which slowly grew into a job. From the start I had a couple mates support me, reposting my art on their stories and commenting on my posts. Which slowly escalated to couple thousand followers enjoying my work.
It never occurred to me or my family as anything serious, till this day my family still expects good grades and full focus on school. Sometimes it gets difficult but the most important aspect of running the account would have to be setting out a schedule that benefits both my job and school.
Nevertheless, utterly grateful for the position I’m in all thanks to my friends, family and supporters.”
We wish you every success for your future Rushil.
Follow this link to watch the One News interview with Rushil:

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