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Franklin Art Festival

PHS Year 11 student Ashleigh Hermitte gained first place in the youth section of the Franklin Art Festival gaining a prize of $1000 for her painting “Success Through Different Eyes.”
In her statement Ashleigh wrote “This piece portrays two different views on success. The fox’s eye represents the idea of taking control and chasing after your achievements yourself. While the rabbit’s view is that your own success is dependent on what others do to impact it. I painted this using acrylics and tried my best to replicate what I had envisioned. It took me a couple of days to complete the full artwork, but with a bit of planning beforehand.” She said [Art] frees my mind and takes me to a place where I can relax and express my creativity. Almost all of my work is inspired by nature and all of its brilliant beauty. I especially love to paint animals, usually with various colours mixed into them.
Year 12 student Logan Hopper gained 2nd prize ($500) for his mixed media drawing “Picking” which shows three images of his grandmother’s hand, picking roses.
Year 13 Jonathan Larsen gained a merit award for his photo “Rolling Morning Fog”.
Current PHS students also exhibiting in the youth section are Nish Van Dijk, Jorja Paton, Mikala Helyar, Alex Twiss, Erica Welch, Margy Wright, Kayla Roux and Raquel Sheldon. The Youth section is on display at the Franklin gallery in the Library complex and the rest of the exhibition is in the town hall. The Franklin Art Festival runs until 1pm on Sunday 26th March. Make sure to check it out.
Past PHS painting student Annaliese Duke gained first prize in the Transform section and took out the Audrey Thoms Award for a local artist and Chelsea Twiss took out the Vessel section first place prize.

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