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Level 3 Health Education

Level 3

Course Code: 3PHLH
Who can I talk to: Mrs Hainsworth

Through theoretical learning students will develop competency in participating and contributing by investigating and analysing relevant research around Health Issues affecting individuals and societal well-being. Students will develop skills of relating to others through their analysis of health issues on the impacts on self, others and society. Through working with health practioners in our local community students will learn to manage their own learning through organising interviews, workshops and presentations on current health practices.

Course Information

What Knowledge Will I Develop?

Students consolidate their understanding of the holistic Maaori model of Hauora (Well-being) and investigate current New Zealand Health issues impacting individuals well-being, others and society. Students learn the different philosophies behind western health practices and alternative and complementary health practices that are used in our community. Students come to understand the different viewpoints forming current ethical issues impacting our society such as the euthanasia and cannabis referendum. Students develop greater understanding of the determinants affecting our health such as social, political, economic, cultural environmental implications. Students come to show comprehensive knowledge of the four underlying concepts of health well-being (hauora), socio-ecological persepctive, attitudes and values and health promotion.

How Will The Course Contribute To My Qualification?

Code Title Credits Internal External Core Optional L1 Literacy L1 Numeracy UE Reading UE Writing Date
91464 Analyse a contemporary ethical issue in realtion to well-being 4 y y 02-04-2021
91463 Evaluate health practices currently used in New Zealand 5 y y y 04-06-2021
91462 Analyse an International Health Issue 5 y y y 24-11-2021
91461 Analyse a New Zealand Health Issue 5 y y y 06-08-2021
Credits: 19
Does this course provide a pathway to University Entrance? Yes

Entry Requirements

Satisfactory achievement from previous level of study or with HOD approval.

Course Related Costs

No course costs for students.

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