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Level 3 Computer Applications

Level 3

Course Code: 3TCOM
Who can I talk to: Mrs McLeod

Learners will manage self by developing their own course; choosing which applications they wish to explore, working at their own pace and level of expertise.

Course Information

What Knowledge Will I Develop?

Learners will develop advanced user skills in the Microsoft Applications. These skills will be of use across the curriculum, in further study and employment. If students wish to pursue learning towards a computer technician career a different group of standards can be accessed (see HOD).

How Will The Course Contribute To My Qualification?

Code Title Credits Internal External Core Optional L1 Literacy L1 Numeracy UE Reading UE Writing Date
US 29785 Use a word processing application to integrate images, spreadsheet and database data into documents 4 y y 08-04-2021
US 29772 (Level 2) Manage files and folders using digital devices 2 y y 04-11-2021
US 29778 Use the main features of a schematic diagram application to create diagrams 2 y y 04-11-2021
US 29791 Capture and prepare digital media for integration into other applications 2 y y 04-11-2021
US 29789 Use a presentation application to produce an interactive multimedia presentation 3 y y 05-11-2021
US 29787 Produce and use a database to provide a solution for an organisation 3 y y 17-09-2021
US 29786 Produce a spreadsheet for organisational use 3 y y 02-07-2021
Credits: 12+
Does this course provide a pathway to University Entrance? No

Entry Requirements

All students welcome.

Course Related Costs

No course costs for students.

Companion Subjects

Combines well with any other subject selection.

Subject Combination Notes

Not applicable