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Level 2 Geography

Level 2

Course Code: 2ZGEO
Who can I talk to: Miss Walton, Mrs Grass

You will develop your writing, oral and visual skills to communicate information to others. You will develop your ability to apply Geographic concepts to explain issues and patterns and produce texts of all kinds. You will interact with others effectively in groups, gathering data and showing understanding of viewpoints on issues. Through this, together you will apply new ways of thinking, problem solving and making suggestions for future situations. These strategies will allow you to be an active member of society showing an understanding of responsibilities in social, cultural and environmental situations. You will learn to read maps and diagrams as well as use data to construct and interpret various graphs, maps and images.

Course Information

What Knowledge Will I Develop?

In Term One you will visit Tongariro National Park and discover how to look at a large natural environment as a geographer. At the same time, you will do some research at Tongariro National Park to show your understanding of the vegetation and/or climate processes that shapes it’s environment. You will be introduced to Geographic Information Systems to be used in solving the problem of a possible lahar flow at Tongariro National Park. You will use your geographic skills to explain the global pattern of blood diamonds and the significance to people and the environment. Your external exam will be on the large natural environment and you will also apply Geographic skills.

How Will The Course Contribute To My Qualification?

Code Title Credits Internal External Core Optional L1 Literacy L1 Numeracy UE Reading UE Writing Date
91246 Expalin aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale 3 y y y 25-08-2021
91245 Explain aspects of a contenporary NZ geographic issue 3 y y 27-05-2021
91247 Apply spatial analysis with guidance to solve a geographic problem 3 y y y y 25-06-2021
91244 Conduct geographic research with guidance 5 y y y y 31-03-2021
91243 Apply geographic concepts and skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment 4 y y 24-11-2021
91240 Demonstrate geographic understanding of a large natural environment 3 y y y y y 24-11-2021
Credits: 19
Does this course provide a pathway to University Entrance? Yes

Entry Requirements

12 credits in Level 1 Geography or with HOD approval.

Course Related Costs

Overnight trip expenses will be requested.

Companion Subjects

Earth Science, Mathematics with Statistics

Subject Combination Notes

Not applicable