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Level 2 Business Studies

Level 2

Course Code: 2ZBST
Who can I talk to: Mrs Bach

Through a combination of practical exerience and thinking critically, students will develop their own method of investigating, individually and as part of a group. This will involve creative thinking on their part to ensure they have gathered the necessary evidence to complete the investigation. They will learn to work with groups during class and business people from the community, having to actively listen and share ideas. Students will develop their skill base pertaining to the use of language symbols and text through the active use of text, and ICT recognising how choices of language and symbols affect people’s understanding. Students will also develop self-motivation, goal setting, time management and appropriate behaviour towards stakeholders.

Course Information

What Knowledge Will I Develop?

Students gain knowledge, skills and experience to explore how and why large businesses in New Zealand make operational decisions in response to internal and external factors. Students will gain knoweldge, skills, and experience to plan, take to market, review and then refine a business activity incorporating a community well-being focus, basing recommendations for the future on market feedback. Students come to appreciate Maaori business concepts such as puutake, tikanga, kaitiakitanga, and rangatiratanga.

How Will The Course Contribute To My Qualification?

Code Title Credits Internal External Core Optional L1 Literacy L1 Numeracy UE Reading UE Writing Date
2.1 AS90843 Internal Operations of a Large Business 4 y y y y 20-11-2021
2.6 AS90848 v2 Business Activity 9 y y y y 18-09-2021
2.4 AS90846 v2 Market Research 3 y y y y 19-06-2021
2.5 AS90847 v2 Investigate the Application of Motivation Theory 3 y y y y 20-03-2021
Credits: 19
Does this course provide a pathway to University Entrance? Yes

Entry Requirements

Satisfactory achievement from previous level of study or with HOD approval.

Course Related Costs

Voluntary contribution to field trip expenses will be requested.

Companion Subjects

Accounting, Economics, Design, Legal Studies

Subject Combination Notes

Not applicable