From Tuesday 23 January, before Thursday 25 January


  1. Log in to the Mobile App / Website portal.
  2. Check your timetable.
  3. If your timetable shows the subjects that you selected and you do not need to change anything, relax, you need do nothing more.
    Note that the timetable is not the final version but is simply a current draft.
  4. If there is blank on your timetable, then you need to go to the school on Thursday, 25th January to fix the problem.
  5. For most students with a problem there may be one subject that cannot be entered (because the pre-requisite has not been met, for instance) – that would mean that there are 4 gaps in your timetable. If you have problems you will have 8 gaps.
  6. For year 12s, you will need to come in between 10am and midday on Thursday
  7. For year 13s, you will need to come in between 1pm and 3pm on Thursday.
  8. At the meeting you will need to have a discussion with your Dean / faculty leader to select a replacement course.
  9. Complete a Course Confirmation Sheet, which will be issued to you on Thursday and have each subject that is not already approved signed by the Faculty Leader.
  10. Once you have finished on Thursday, leave the completed form in the library so that the Database Administrator can add the corrections to your timetable.


All other students

Turn up to school ready to go on your first day.

If you have changed your mind about a particular subject over the holiday break then leave a message at main reception so that the change can be made before you start school.  Note that some changes may not be possible if the subject you want to change into is already full.