Our aim is to provide students with a caring environment that helps them in their educational, social and career needs.

The guidance network is an integral part of our school.


Students and parents are welcome to use the school’s counselling services. Parents may contact one of the counsellors if there are home matters which may have a bearing on school performance. Counsellors may contact or visit the home for the welfare of the student.

The counsellors also make referrals to community agencies and maintain a close liaison with Special Education Service, Children and Young Persons Services, Youth Aid, Whanau Support, Whirinaki and other helping agencies.


Along-side guidance we have a Health Centre with Registered Nurse cover from 9:00-3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and from 9:00-2:00 on Wednesday. The Health Centre is a drop in clinic; no appointment is required, though permission to leave class is essential.

A comprehensive range of services is offered:

  • First Aid/Acute illness management.
  • Monitoring and management of chronic illness.
  • Sexual Health Education.
  • Accredited ACC providers.
  • Referrals to external health providers, such as GP’s, radiology, dentist, optician, and physiotherapy.
  • Booklets and pamphlets provided on youth appropriate topics.
  • Smoking cessation. (Accredited Quit Provider)
  • Nutrition Advice and support.
  • Liaison with pastoral care team.

The Family Planning Association run a weekly clinic on a Tuesday afternoon and there is a Physiotherapy clinic run twice weekly. Bookings for these clinics are made through the school nurses.


Students are encouraged to think about career choice early in their secondary education. Emphasis is placed on career education through specialist courses as students progress.

Through the student support department, students have access to careers counselling and careers information through printed material and on-line access to nationwide careers data bases. Parents may make appointments with student support staff and attend with their children for assistance in course and career planning.


The Principal and Assistant Principals will become involved when particular difficulties arise.


School Counsellors

  • Ms Sita Bakker (HOD)               
  • Ms Eleanor Purchase
  • Ms Susan Walter

School Nurses

  • Mrs Natalie Avery, Register Nurse (HOD)

Transition Studies

  • Ms Shelly Boyes (HOD)

Careers Advisor

  • Mrs Judy Lawry (HOD)

Careers Development Educator and Gateway Coordinator

Careers Administrator


Pukekohe High School has had a long established House System which was introduced in 1924. There are five houses – Blake, Day, Jellicoe, Perkins, and Massey. The houses have traditionally been a focus for competition in sporting activities. In 2000, the house system was used as a base to introduce a new pastoral care network. This has resulted in an increased student participation and involvement in the house shield activities.

House vertical forms were introduced in 2000. A vertical form is made up of students from all year levels. Form classes meet each morning with their form teacher (who is also a member of the same house). The form teacher has responsibility for the care and overview of the students in their form. Students will belong to the same vertical form as they move through the school each year. The form teacher will also stay with the form. The form teacher keeps in touch with parents through reports and parent evenings held during the year and may also make contact at other times, if there is a need.

House Deans – Each house has a dean who monitors student achievement and conduct, responds to student and staff concerns as they arise, and is responsible for the administrative requirements of students. They co-ordinate the work of the vertical form teachers and have an overview of the performance of students within their house. We welcome parents to contact the house dean or form teachers if they have a concern.

Blake House Dean

  • Mr Bob Cooper

Day House Dean

  • Mrs Amelia Bodman

Jellicoe House Dean

  • Mrs Marilyn Masemann

Massey House Dean

  • Mr Peter Orton

 Perkins House Dean

  • Mrs Mary Allen

House Placement – Students are placed into a house on enrolment. If the student has a brother or sister attending the school at the time of entry, they will be placed in the same house, should they wish to be.