A big congratulations to all of our senior award winners across Level 1 and Level 3.
Special mention to our two top award winners of the evening,
Olivia Martin (Dux) and Sagar Kumar (Proxime Accessit).

Olivia Martin’s awards included:

  • Excellence in Level 3 English, Mathematics with Calculus, Mathematics with Statistics and Physics
  • Dux Medal
  • Bradleigh Benton Cup
  • Top Senior Physics Student
  • Lamont-Allen Cup
  • First in Year 13 English
  • Benton Scholarship – Top Physics Student $500

Sagar Kumar’s awards included:

  • Excellence in Level 3 Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics with Calculus and Physics
  • Gemma Anderson Cup
  • Proxime Accessit
  • Rambhai Memorial Trophy – Top Indian Student
  • Allen Cup – Top Year 13 Science Student
  • Science Faculty Cup – First in Year 13 Biology
  • Science Faculty Cup – First equal Year 13 Chemistry
  • Benton Scholarship – Top Biology Student $500

Senior Prize Giving Awards:

Photography courtesy of Richard Spranger Photography. For more photos from the night, please visit Richard’s website.