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25 February 2014
Term one academic conferences will be held on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 5 March and on Thursday March 6.
Academic conferences are a 20 minute meeting involving parents, their student and the student’s form teacher. Form teachers will discuss where each student is at with their learning and academic strengths and weaknesses as a first step towards identifying and agreeing on learning goals for the year.
The term one conferences will focus on each student’s academic achievements to date using data such as their end of 2013 reports from this or their previous school, Junior Diploma information, NCEA Record of Learning, and results from Year 9 entry tests.
Prior to the conferences each student will be asked to reflect on their own academic achievements so far and prepare learning goals ready for discussion with their parents and form teacher. These are to be prepared using pages 12 and 13 of the 2014 Student Planner, which students have already received.
Successful conferences are ones where students have discussed their achievements and goals with their parents / caregivers and have thought hard about what they need to do to achieve academic success this year.

Student Academic Conferences
Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 March 2014
Have you replied to the school to confirm your appointment?
To confirm: Return Slip Return the slip on your letter to your .
student’s form teacher
Phone 09 238 0774
The focus of the student academic conference is:
  • For your child to share with you their academic achievements so far and discuss an action plan for them to achieve their personal academic goals.
  • An opportunity for a discussion between you, your child and their Vertical Form Teacher to focus on your child’s personal education plan.
  • To understand how your child is progressing at school for their future pathway.
Our experience from last year’s conferences confirms that the partnership between home and school has a significant positive impact on student achievement.
This is a reminder to come to the school for the conference with your child’s Vertical Form Teacher at the time specified in a letter sent home last week.

Regular Attendance – A Key Element in Academic Success
To be successful at school and achieve qualifications, students need regular attendance. By regular we mean a better than 90 percent attendance rate, 90 percent attendance is a figure promoted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and the Ministry of Education as a minimum level of attendance necessary for effective learning. That is, students need to be in at least 90 percent of all of their lessons. It is also supported by our experience. Quite simply, students who don’t maintain a high level of attendance don’t achieve to the level they are capable of.
So what does 90 percent attendance mean?
It means missing fewer than 15 days of school a year, or four days a term, or one day a fortnight.
Students, and parents of students who have an attendance record that drops below 90 percent need to reflect on the impact that this will be having on learning.
A constant goal at our school is to raise achievement and to see higher percentages of students achieving NCEA qualifications. Parents and caregivers have a significant part to play in this by ensuring their student(s) maintain a level of attendance that is needed for effective learning, and that is better than 90 percent.

Te Ara Poutama Big Blue Day
On March 4 year 10 students will be participating in the annual Big Blue Day.
Students will participate in exciting team-building and problem solving activities where they will be physically and mentally challenged. Members of the community will be running activities with teachers. These include Police Youth Education and Huakina Trust.
This is a non-uniform day and students will need to come dressed to participate in outdoor and swimming activities. Students will need to bring lunch or money for a sausage sizzle. The day will begin with an assembly in the school hall then we will move to Bledisloe Park and the Jubilee Pools for the day.

The rugby season starts soon and teams will be arranged soon. If you wish to play this year a completed form needs to be handed into the Student Centre with the $70 registration fee (reduced from $75) before March 7. The muster date is set for March 19. Training is underway for the 1st and 2nd XV at 6pm each Tuesday and Thursday at Counties Number 2 field. The U14 team are training at the same times on the school fields. Coaches are also required for U15 and Restricted Weight grades. For further details please e-mail
Any year 12 or 13 students interested in training to be a rugby referee can do so during a FREE 2 day course at the Eco Light Stadium in Pukekohe. The course carries 10 level 3 NCEA credits and takes place during the holidays on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 May. For further details contact the Sports Office or email
SchoolConnect – A FREE Careers Resource:
Deciding where to go and what to do after high school is not easy – in fact it becomes more complicated year-on-year with more options being added all the time! Visit SchoolConnect and get tailored, up-to-date and unbiased careers information all in one place.
  • SchoolConnect offers information about study, work and travel
  • Gives students an accurate perspective of what is out there in terms of study and work options
  • Try the Careers Quiz
  • Ask an employer/career expert a question on the forum page
  • Register for regular updates and prize draws
If your child is absent from school please either:
1. Leave a message on the school absence line – Ph 238 6089, press 1.
2. Email with a message including the student’s name.
3. Send a note to school with your student if you know in advance they are going to be away.

Guidelines for replying to absence messages – please reply to the message so we can focus on those who are absent without an explanation
Mobile Phones
a) Please “reply” to the message on the phone it was received on. This helps get the message back into our system. If you do not have any credit on your phone or cannot reply on the phone please find another phone and call the school on 238 6089 ext 264.
b) When replying put a Y (if you are aware your child is absent) followed by a reason, or N (if you were not aware of the absence).
c) Do NOT send a reply back to the number displayed from another phone as this will not come back into our system.
d) Do NOT send an absence note to the number displayed from a previous absence notification as this will not be received by our system. Call the absence line and leave a voice message.

The email absence notification will instruct you to click on a link in the email. This will take you to the webpage where you can put in your response. Do NOT “Reply To” the email; click on the link instead.
If you have recently changed your mobile phone number or email address please email your new details to: or phone 238 6089 ext 210 so we can update our records.

Junior Girls - Hayley Marx (Massey)
Junior Boys - Sashin Straker (Perkins) and
Kalib Hancock (Massey)
Int Girls - Kaitlin Petherick (Blake)
Int Boys - Dylan Moxon (Jellicoe) and
Tonga Liuaki (Jellicoe)
Senior Girls - Autumn Morgan (Jellicoe)
Senior Boys - Ethan Vaughan (Massey)

Junior Girls - Roxanne Rawnsley (Day)
Junior Boys - Sam Pascoe (Jellicoe)
Int Girls - Claudia Kerr-Smith (Jellicoe)
Int Boys - Ryan Montgomery (Blake)
Senior Girls - Kendra Caddy (Day)
Senior Boys - Hiraku Walley (Massey)
The highlight of the finals was the game between Hamish Simmonds and Ryan Montgomery in the intermediate boys’ grade. Tied at 1 set each in the best of 3 sets, the last set progressed to a 13-11 tiebreaker.

Pukekohe High School Rowing
Head of Harbour regatta results – 15 February Lake Pupuke
1st U15 Doubles. Alex McRobbie, Dylan Lawrence
1st U15 Doubles. Murphy Waters, Daniel Barron
1st U18 Novice Doubles. Taylor Herangi, Zach Harris
1st U16 Quad. Rebecca Caulton, Larissa O’Gorman, Tessa Butters, Leone Humber, Olivia Andrew (cox)
1st U15 Doubles. Hannah Wise, Georgia Skelton
1st U17 Doubles. Tauhi Lopeti, Bailee Waller
1st U16 Doubles. Zoe Turton, Evie Brake
1st U16 Doubles. Bryni Waldron-Lemon, Olivia Waller
2nd U15 Doubles. Amelia Bennett, Hannah Markham
2nd U15 Quad. Ben Kelway, Regan Bernasconi, Tu’a Fakava, Murphy Waters, Regan Hull (cox)
2nd U15 Four. Daniel Barron, Tu’a Fakava, Regan Bernasconi, Murphy Waters, Connor Hull (cox)
3rd U15 Quad. Amelia Bennett, Rebecca Goulstone, Hannah Markham, Eleanor Cato, Madison Walters (cox)
3rd U18 Doubles. Danielle Vandermeer, Meg Dempsey
3rd U17 Quad. Tauhi Lopeti, Bailee Waller, Ma’u Isileli-Foou, Georgia Malins, Jacinta Taiapa (cox)
3rd U16 Quad. Zoe Turton, Evie Brake, Ma’u Isileli-Foou, Meg Dempsey, Jacinta Taiapa (cox)
3rd U15 Doubles. Samantha Fausett, Natasha Scott

Sam Pascoe - Junior Boys’ runner-up
Roxanne Rawnsley - Junior Girls’ runner-up
Claudia Kerr-Smith - Intermediate Girls’
Maxine Rawnsley - Intermediate Girls’ runner-up
Jake Caine and Quaide Brady-Leathem - Junior Boys’ doubles winners
Manisha Jeram and Brianna McCort - Intermediate Girls’doubles runners-up
Joaquin(Jake) Botta - Senior Boys’ consolation winner

Congratulations Ellenna Caudwell, Rebecca Morris-Wilton and Abbey Thompson on finishing runners-up at the Auckland Secondary Schools’ Equestrian Trials at Henderson.

10 February 2014

Welcome to the 2014 school year and a particular welcome to the new families who begin their association with Pukekohe High School.  Thank you to the many parents who accompanied their student to the welcome ceremony for our year nines.

We welcome six new staff members to our school: Mrs Davidson, assistant head of English, Mr Cooper teaching history and social studies, Mrs Smith, head of drama while Mrs Stutzman is on maternity leave, Mr Austin, business manager, Mrs Jenkins and Miss Board join our learner support department. We also welcome back Mrs Cryer who will be teaching science. Early next month Mr McNelly will join our science department, replacing Mrs Mitchell who has been appointed head of science at Papakura High School.

In an internal staff change we congratulate Mrs Cornu, previously head of English, on her appointment to the position of assistant principal.

At the end of last year Mrs Courtead retired from her position as an assistant principal opting to return to the classroom teaching English. During her 10 years as an assistant principal Mrs Courteaud was at the forefront of significant school developments around classroom teaching practice, Maori achievement initiatives and, more recently, students with high learning and support needs. The community initiative Te Huarahi, which has engaged all local schools in co-ordinated strategies around Maori achievement can also be closely linked to her leadership. We are fortunate that Mrs Courteaud’s expertise has not gone from our school.

 PukekoheNet is the school’s information centre and website and it can be accessed through  Both current and past newsletters can be viewed by selecting the “Newsletters” tab from the menu list and daily notices can be viewed by selecting the “News Centre” tab located top left of the home page. PukekoheNet also contains subject and course information.

 The “News Centre” is continually updated with reports and photos on school activities and up-coming events.
From left: Reece Morrison, Madison Baker, Billie Paterson, Lance Tairakena.  Photo: Thorpe Studio

 Hiraku Walley, Caleb Ihaia, Lachlan Caudwell, Alex McDonald, Aaron Campbell, Kimberley Soo, Ashleigh Tairakena, Ashlina Kanji, Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe, Virginia Talifolau, Lupe Soapi, Liana Vaipa-Rice, Jordan Oppert, Zoe Farmer.


 Madison attended the Auckland University Science camp for high-achieving secondary school Science students.  At the end of the camp, the students were invited to apply for a scholarship to attend a symposium in London in July.  Madison was one of two students selected to represent New Zealand.  This was a great honour and will no doubt be an invaluable experience for Madison.


2013 scholarship results were released today. We congratulate the following scholarship winners.

Jemma Simmonds - Physics, Calculus, Accounting - Outstanding Scholarship.
Courtney van Lieshout - Physical Education
Stacey Mulholland - English
Kirsty McGregor - Painting


re: Polo Shirt Issue in front button placket

Ross Gordon, Director of Uniform Group has confirmed that after inspecting the garments presented to them there is an issue with the fabric placket in the polo shirts.

Without any hesitation Uniform Group will replace any garments with this fault. Once a delivery date for the arrival of replacement stock is confirmed Uniform Group will plan the recall and replacement programme. It is recommended students continue to wear the faulty garments until the recall programme is in place.

Uniform Group sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused the school, students and parents and are certain to action this matter with expediency to rectify as soon as possible.


Accounts for the school donation and subject fees will be sent out in early March.

The school donation is:   $100 per child with a maximum of $250 per immediate family.

The donation goes towards the funding of equipment and resources that allow us to provide a higher standard of education, the school magazine and other cultural and recreational activities approved by the BOT. The donation requested is kept to a minimum and a receipt will be prepared for tax purposes, if requested.

Subject Fees

Some subjects require payment for materials that are not paid for by the government. A separate itemised account will be sent with the school donation. Subject fees are listed with the subject information on the school’s website and students are advised of any subject fees at the time of selecting their subjects.

The Pukekohe High School Board of Trustees has made it a requirement that any student wishing to participate in school-based activities must have paid current and any outstanding subject fees, or have in place an approved automatic payment with the school. The school-based activities includes music, arts, cultural and sports trips, tournament weeks, the year 10 activities week programme, the school ball, and other activities as so deemed by the Board.

Payment can be made at the Student Centre by cash, cheque, eftpos and credit card or by using internet banking and automatic payment. Please contact the Student Centre 238 6089 ext. 253 to discuss payment options.

Any donations paid by the 31st of March 2014 are eligible for a refund from the Inland Revenue Department of a third of what is paid. A claim form IR526 can be obtained from the Inland Revenue Department website:

PHONE EXTENSIONS listed below:

Management staff

Mr McKinnon, Principal’s Secretary - 222                                   

Mr Mathias, Associate Principal - 225

Mr McDonald, Assistant Principal - 228 

Mrs Cornu, Assistant Principal - 268

Mrs Steer, Assistant Principal - 227


Student Support – Guidance Staff

 Mr Francesco - counsellor - 231

(Mr Francesco is head of guidance with Mrs Francesco assistant counsellor. Both are available for students and families to contact if required)

Mrs Hall - careers counsellor - 247                     

Mrs Francesco - counsellor – 215

Mrs Sara Anderson - counsellor – 215 / 283                               

Ms Boyes - transition - 216

Ms Bailey - Gateway - 283

Mrs Hartley-Jones - careers library - 232



Miss Watson - Blake - 244

Ms Hansen - Day - 282

Mrs Masemann - Jellicoe - 229

Mr Orton - Massey - 257

Mrs Allen - Perkins - 252

Mrs Anderson - International Students - 260

Tuesday 11 February 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Parents, caregivers and students are invited to the orientation and bbq evening.

The programme is outlined here

·         Welcome from Dean

·         Meet Form Teacher and Peer Support Leader

·         Tour of school

·         Light refreshments in courtyard


Term 1         29 January to 17 April               

Term 2         5 May to 4 July                   

Term 3         21 July to 26 September                       

Term 4       13 October to 11 December

2014 playing season for Pukekohe AFC
Any queries please contact:

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