Being a Positive Place of Learning is about the support we give.

* As a member of a house, learners’ academic, emotional and physical support is fostered.
* The form teacher maintains a close and caring relationship with their learners.
* Student-led conferences help learners shape their goals. A partnership between parents, school
and learner is created which nurtures ako. By working together, we help the learner to reach their
potential at school.
* We welcome and encourage contact with parents and whanau.
* Our skilled guidance counselling team and kaimanaaki provide personal care and counselling.
* Our health centre’s team of registered nurses, supported by external specialists, provides first-aid,
emergency services, health and wellbeing advice.
* We have close connections with a range of community support agencies.
* Our school-wide careers programme helps our learners to develop clear career goals and
career pathways.