The history of Pukekohe High School is characterised by a focus on academic achievement and personal excellence.

He wahi whai-mana ki te rapu matauranga | A positive place of learning

At Pukekohe High School our vision is to be a positive place of learning where our students are challenged, become equipped to fulfill their potential and achieve their aspirations.

We provide a range of learning experiences and help students create pathways that will lead to success at school and in their future.

In addition to our academic programme, we offer opportunities to develop their interests through an extensive range of arts, music, drama, outdoor pursuits, sports and cultural groups.

We also encourage all of our students to become connected members of our school community through their vertical form classes, house activities, peer support and leadership opportunities throughout the school.

Our school has a proud history of high achievement and believe in celebrating the successes our students achieve.

We believe positive learning experiences create confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

Ngaa Iwi Whaanui

Participation to promote the common good of our school and our community

Te Kaingakautanga ki te Ako

Learning through innovation, inquiry and curiosity, as well as thinking critically, creatively, reflectively.

Te Tino Painga

Aiming high and persevering both personally and educationally


Being honest, responsible, and accountable


Respect for ourselves, others and the world around us

Unique place of Maori as tangata whenua of New Zealand

The school’s priority is to continually seek improvements in levels of academic achievement and to ensure that this achievement is equally shared by all groups of students. With this comes a focus on quality teaching and learning and the delivery of a curriculum which offers a wide subject choice and the opportunity to achieve success for all students.

Raise Achievement
Encouraging all student to seek to attain the highest levels of achievement they are capable of.
Reduce the disparities in achievement
Concentrating on supporting and assisting the students who don’t share in the school’s levels of academic success.
Engage with parent or whanau
Establishing good connections with the families of our students so that they are able to participate in their student’s learning.

Pukekohe High School offers students a wide range of co-curricular activities which are essential to developing personal skills of collegiality, competitiveness and excellence.  Pukekohe High School is a high performer in sporting and cultural pursuits.  We have a strong belief in the students’ individual capacity to extend their own experience and ability through commitment and involvement in the wide range of opportunities offered.  We are recognised as a leading performer in co-curricular competitions.

Our students are at the centre of what we do and our goal is to provide them with an environment that is secure, rewarding and stimulating.  Our prospectus provides insight into this environment.