Term 2 Parent/Whaanau Update – 6 May 2019

Dear Parents/Whaanau,

Welcome back to Term 2.  We hope the holidays provided you and your families with some time to pause and reconnect after a busy start to the year.

We wish to take this opportunity to promote some up-coming events and seek your assistance on a couple of matters causing our school community some concern.

Open Evening

On Thursday 16 May, we will be holding our annual Open Evening, 3:30-7:30pm.  On this day, lessons will finish at the end of Period 4 at 1:45pm.  Many students will be volunteering in various capacities at this event.  Buses will run at the usual time of 3:25pm.

While this event is primarily aimed at introducing our school to prospective students and whaanau, we invite all current students and families to attend this evening and begin exploring possible subject options for 2020.  What better way to start thinking about where passions lie or ask specialists the questions you have about the future of a subject or learning area, than to take a walk around the learning area displays that are on during Open Evening.


Last term we celebrated improved attendance rates across the school.  However, there is a trend that concerns us which we seek your assistance with: that of students arriving at school, but not attending one or more lessons during the day.  This intermittent attendance looks like a few Year 9-12 students leaving the school during the school day to go to the shops, sit in Bledisloe Park or visit the homes of friends.  We wish to make very clear that this is not acceptable attendance and we ask that you take a moment, as we refresh for Term Two, to clarify your expectations for your children when you send them to school.  Together we can improve on this trend, keep our children safe, and in class learning.


On a separate note, we are noticing that some students are arriving at school in the morning after the formal start of the day.  The first bell rings at 8:40am and students are expected in class by 8:45am at the latest for learning to begin promptly.  We ask that you re-establish your expectations with your children about their morning routine that gets them to school on time for the start of the day and helps us ensure that we are all getting the most out of our school day, and building good work habits that extend beyond school and into the workplace.


Now that the cooler weather has settled in, we are noticing that non-uniform sweatshirts are being worn at school.  We are proud of how our students look when dressed in correct uniform; they represent their school well.  Please help us to get correct uniform worn to school by ensuring that the school jersey, polar-fleece, or jacket is available for your child to wear.  Where financial difficulty prevents this, please contact your child’s Dean for assistance.  Together we can solve the “sweatshirt epidemic” that is gripping our beautiful school.

We look forward to a busy and productive term and appreciate the support that whaanau give our school.

Ngaa mihi nui.

Richard Barnett