Please download, print and complete the 3 documents.

All forms and $125 due by Friday 13th April 2018.






Organisation for the school ball is well underway and we are looking forward to an excellent function at Eden Park on the 18th of May 2018. This is always a glamour event and our student organisers have put much time and thought towards ensuring that this year’s ball will continue our very high standard. This year the theme is Vegas.

Tickets are available for purchase from the student centre from 27 March and will close on Friday 13 April. This year the purchase price is $125 and includes the cost of the venue, food, travel to and from the venue, entertainment and the photographer. All photographs will be available to download for free within 48 hours of the event. You can only purchase a ticket if you have paid your subject fees as required by the Board of Trustees and you have a minimum attendance of 90%.

Students will have a choice to sign up to two departure times, 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm. Students should arrive at the school no later than 5:45 pm for the 6:00 buses, and 6:15 pm for the 6:30 buses.

The Ball will commence at 7:00 pm and all people will be expected to arrive by 7:30pm, unless prior approval has been given. Students will need approval from Mrs Karauria or Mrs Bach if this is required.  The Ball will conclude at 11.30 pm and all people must be collected by 11.30 pm from the venue. For those travelling back to Pukekohe by bus, the buses are expected to return to school about 1:00 am.

Students travelling independently (limo, car, private bus) must have the written approval of parents or caregivers. Independent transport to and from the ball is the responsibility of the parents or caregivers.  The school can accept no responsibility for the safety of students travelling to and from the ball who forego the bus option and make their own travel arrangements.  Students who have not been collected by 12:15 am will be returned to Pukekohe by the buses provided. For those students who choose to travel independently, there is no discount on the price of the ticket.

No one will be given a pass to leave the ball at any time and ball attendees are expected to remain at the Ball until 11.30 pm – unless prior written approval from Mrs Karauria or Mrs Bach has been given to leave earlier.

Students are able to bring their partners from outside of the school. If you wish to bring a partner they must be the equivalent of a year 12 or above and if they are from outside of the school then you must fill in a partner request form. No partners from outside the school will be admitted to the Ball without a fully completed outside partner request form. A partner request form can be printed from the school website. These need to be completed and returned to the student centre by 6 April 2018.

All attendees must abide by the school rules. This includes no alcohol or smoking at the function, or in transit to and from the function. Security provided by the Eden Park will be very tight and attendees can be expected to be “searched” at the entrance by facility security staff and have their bags and pockets checked for cigarettes, alcohol or lighters. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted to the Ball. Failure to abide by the rules will mean that people could be denied entry or removed from the function.  Any drugs found will mean the immediate removal of the carrier and his/her partner.  The parents of any student removed from the function will be advised immediately.

Every year there is the issue of the “after-ball” and, in regard to such functions, the school accepts no responsibility and takes no part in the organisation. Parents condone / allow their students to attend after-ball functions at their own discretion and should do so from a position of knowledge.   Parents need to be aware that police will be looking at such events very closely.

The school ball is always a spectacular event.  We hope that this year is no different and that all involved enjoy a safe and enjoyable evening.