Year 10 Camp Tapapakanga

As explained in an earlier letter dated August 2019, all year 10 students will be participating in a camp based at Tapapakanga Regional Park later this term.  This letter contains some detail relating to the program and the necessary consent required to attend.  Students have had an opportunity to ask questions and choose 2 other students from their house to be grouped with.  The program will be developed based upon the ideas put forward from students. We are currently formulating a FAQ page to be published on our website.

Students will be expected to budget, shop and prepare all meals for their group (10 students) and will be camping in tents provided by the school.  Each group of students will have 1 dedicated teacher to oversee and guide their experience along with a year 12 student leader.

A copy of the safety planning documentation is available on request. Mr Tindling and Mr Mathias will act as the emergency contact person for the duration of the camps and a contact phone number will be made available later in the term.

This is a technology free camp. NO electronic devices will be permitted. 


Blake House Monday 18 November to Wednesday 20 November
Day House Wednesday 20 November to Friday 22 November
Jellicoe House Monday 25 November to Wednesday 27 November
Massey House Wednesday 27 November to Friday 29 November
Perkins House Monday 2 December to Wednesday 4 December



The cost for the trip is $65 payable to the student Centre. $15 will be returned to each student for food shopping.  The remaining cost includes campground fee’s, transport (bus and minivan), portaloo (flushing) hire and an equipment maintenance fee.  Automatic payments can be set up at the student centre. The final date for payment was Friday November 8th.  A hardship fund will be created (from fundraising) available for students in need.

We look forward to working with your student in this experience.

Ngaa Mihi Nui

Suzanne Williams          Tara Remington

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