Last week, 25 year ten art students embarked on an exciting project to create a large scale mural at Pukekohe Hill School to commemorate Princess Te Puea Herangi for the school’s Te Puea Week.

The project entailed students learning about the history and legacy she created before designing the mural as groups. The design was then shared with Hill School principal Simon Williams before starting on the mural artwork, taking place last Thursday evening when students projected up the designs and drawing the detail and shapes on the wall ready for the painting stage on the Friday.

Students from Hill school worked alongside our year 10 students as they mentored and taught them painting and drawing skills as the mural took shape throughout the day. The mural was completed at the end of the day on Friday, much to the delight of everyone involved.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the project, a big thank you to all of the Hill School staff and students who encouraged, helped and fed us throughout the day. Our students worked extremely hard to take part in this authentic learning experience which will impact significantly on our community for years to come.

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