On Friday 15 th of March, a group of students from Pukekohe High School performed on the Tongan Stage at Polyfest for the first time ever. The idea was born at a fono of parents and students early in February. Practices began – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tongan singing, drum beats and the clap of hands rang out from our school hall. Olinga Lutui agreed to be the main dance tutor and Eseta Veainu helped him. Saia Tai became our vahenga (student leader). As the weeks went by, lyrics were learned, dance moves synchronised and costumes made. The group was finally ready for Polyfest. Thirty two students, many stage helpers and spectators from our school came to support them. They performed the Ma’ulu’ulu in the morning, and a group of senior girls danced the Tau’olunga in the afternoon. The school would like to honour the commitment and skill of these students and thank the families, tutors and ex-students along with the teachers, who enabled this to happen. Come to Polyfest next year. We will be competing!

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