Returners vs Leavers + Mixed Match Challenge Rugby


On Wednesday 17 October saw the Returners vs Leavers and Mixed Match Challenge rugby fixtures for our male and female student athletes.

The event saw 4x rounds of games for the boys and 2x rounds for the girls.

In the boys match, The ‘LEAVERS’ were captained by Gabriel Wilson and the ‘RETURNERS’ were captained by James Martin.

The Leavers were victorious in 2018 taking the game overall 49-29.

Standout performers for the Leavers team were Stacee Jones, Thomas Williams, Tony King-Drader and Gabriel Wilson.

Standout performers for the Returners team were Diesel Lee Jakeman, Filipe Setefano, Jarney Proctor and Devan Gardiner.

In the girls match, one team was led by Shilo Whareaitu and the other by Anahera Ramsay.

The overall score was 20-12 to Anahera’s team. Standout performers from the girls who took the field were Chelsea Young, Heleina Teisina, Shilo Whareaitu and Anahera Ramsay.

Thank you to all who took part and came along the support. All the best to those leaving, we wish you the best in your future endeavours and we look forward to those returning in 2019 for another action packed year.




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