Recent media articles have pointed to some students from last year not having NCEA credits which they had achieved being recorded on their Records of Achievement. Contact from one such student alerted us to 11 students in a Level 3 class being affected in this way. While this was quickly corrected, our investigations of why this occurred clearly identified that the fault lay with the school in that a set of grades that were supposedly transferred to NZQA had not been done so. This clearly would have caused distress to the affected students which the school regrets and apologises for.

A second case affected 7 students across a range of subjects. These students were part of a large transfer of NCEA grades to NZQA but had their submitted “Achieved” grades changed to “Not achieved”. This situation was discovered by the school in mid-January and corrections were made. At this stage we are unable to determine what caused the grades to be changed during the transfer process. We have been in contact with NZQA to help source the problem and to look at any improvements that may be needed in our NCEA data management. Again we regret any stress that this caused those affected students.

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