Students who are not vaccinated or who are immune-suppressed have been advised to stay at home tomorrow, Friday 5 July.

We advise that there will be no timetabled classes scheduled for Friday 5 July 2019.

Auckland is in the grip of a measles epidemic and late today the Auckland Regional Public Health Service confirmed that a student at Pukekohe High School has the viral infection.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service advised that students and staff who are not immunised against measles, or who are immuno-suppressed should not attend school. An extract from the notification is included below that provides more detailed information about the disease.
A number of teachers are also in this category and combined with normal winter sickness and other staff absences the school does not have sufficient personnel to manage scheduled classes.

Consequently, we advise that there will be no timetabled classes scheduled for Friday 5 July 2019.

Although the school will not be delivering scheduled classes, supervision will be available for immunised students who are unable to make alternative arrangements. Supervision will start in the school hall from 8:40am, where a roll will be taken and activities organised.

We apologise for the very late notice. Information affecting Pukekohe High School was only received today and every step has been taken to inform you as promptly as possible about the circumstances. In this situation the school is obliged to put student safety first and has had to act very quickly.
Fortunately, school holidays will provide an opportunity to assess the situation and plan further, and we will keep you informed.

What you need to do now
You do not need to do anything if:
• You or your child has had at least one dose of measles vaccine (MMR). Vaccinations should be in the Well Child (Plunket) book, or your family doctor may have records. Please show the school your vaccination record.
• OR You or your child has been diagnosed with measles in the past
• OR you were born before 1969.
You are almost certainly protected from measles if one of the above applies.
If none of the above 3 points apply to you or your child, we ask that you stay at home (quarantine) from tomorrow, Friday 5th July, returning after the school holidays if well. You or your child might become unwell with measles in the coming days.
It usually takes 10 to 14 days for someone who has caught measles to start showing symptoms.
During this time, people in quarantine should stay away from all activities where they may expose others if they are in the early stages of becoming unwell. For example, this means not going to school, work, birthday parties, sports games or practice, churches and other religious places, shopping malls or cinemas.

Please refer to the fact sheet for more information about measles.

Download the Factsheet
If you or your child develops a fever, cough, runny nose, or a rash:
 See a doctor (call ahead to alert your doctor about the possibility of measles before visiting and take this letter along)

If you or your child has a weakened immune system (e.g. if they have an inherited immune problem or are receiving chemotherapy for cancer), please contact your usual healthcare provider to discuss further.
Should you require more information about measles, please contact Healthline on 0800 611 116. You can also find information on our website:

Vaccination is the best protection
Once you or your child is out of the quarantine period, we strongly recommend MMR to provide future protection against measles, mumps and rubella. Please ask your family doctor for more information.

Dr Maria Poynter Public Health Medicine Specialist Auckland Regional Public Health Service

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