Leavers Should Export Their Data Files From Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

This should be completed before 13 December when all Leaver accounts will be disabled and ultimately deleted.

Note:  All Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud accounts of those leaving PHS will be deleted between 16 and 20 December.

Microsoft Office 365 – instructions for exporting your data

1. Log into your Office 365 account.
2. Select OneDrive
3. Select all the Folders & Files you wish to export.
4. Hover cursor to the left of the Folder or File & Click to select.

  1. Click the 3 vertical dots or right mouse click: Select Download
    6. A Zip file of all your selected Folders & Files will be created. This can take some time. Be patient.
    7. Save this to a safe & secure location.
    8. Upload these files or the Zip to any storage location.

Export Adobe Creative Cloud Files:

All CC accounts for Leavers will be deleted between 16 and 20 December.
Please export your files before 13 December.

If you have a BYOD CC user license provided by PHS and have some of your files stored in your CC on-line Library, you will also need to save these files on your laptop/computer hard drive or an external drive. These files will no longer be available once your CC account is deleted.

You will need to subscribe to Adobe CC yourself to be able to use their applications.

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