This week we were privileged to host a party of 17 art educators from Indonesia. 14 of the visitors were from a range of secondary schools throughout Indonesia, from Bali to Sumatra, whilst the other 3 in the party were from the Ministry of Education of Indonesia.

Their day began with a poowhiri at our wharenui, then our guests were hosted by the art department, as the party were interested in finding out and experiencing how design and moving image were taught within New Zealand art education. The group were extremely impressed by the creative capabilities of our students, the way they were able to vocalize about their work and their technological skills they were able to showcase during their stay.

Well done and thank you to all of the students and staff who accommodated our guests and worked hard to ensure that the visitors left Pukekohe High School feeling immensely positive about the high levels of creativity and innovation within our school.

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