The opening round of the Epro8 contest was on Wed 20th March. 12 teams from the local area all competed with the top 4 junior teams progressing to the semi-final and the top 2 senior teams progressing to the final.

PHS entered four teams, two junior teams and two senior teams.

Both junior teams came joint 2nd, losing by only 40 points. The two teams will progress to the semi-final at the end of term 1 and compete for a place in the final at the start of term 2.

The senior teams competed exceptionally well coming 1st and 4th overall. Safas won the heat by 120 points with an overall score was 630 points. They also completed 2 of the 4 tasks, gaining an extra 60 bonus points. Safas will progress to the final along with Maurewa who came 2nd.


One Plus One (joint 2nd)

  • Lilly Fox
  • Ethan Lim
  • Mahmoud Moussa
  • Samuel Donoval

The Good not Stupid (joint 2nd)

  • Jed Moloney
  • Rebecca Yip
  • Cortez Tetley
  • Rowan Loveday


Tyrannosaurus Shrek (4th)

  • Stanley Yip
  • Eunby Hwan
  • Theresa Nota
  • Celeste Nyatsanza

Safefas (1st)

  • Samuel Roche
  • Jasmine Niederberger
  • Joel Hawkins
  • Jayden Fox

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