Our trip to the Globe Theatre by Juliet Gwangwava
‘Last Friday me and 15 other year ten students had the opportunity to watch Richard III at the Pop Up Globe in Auckland city. For many of us it was the first time going to the Pop Up Globe or watching a play, myself included, so it was an exciting and new experience. The Globe was much smaller than the real one but it still captured what the globe was intended to be. There was an amazing hole in the roof that let in light and fresh air.  Surrounding the stage itself was beautiful art similar to what the real Globe has.

We were given the option of standing. We decided to sit for the first half and stand for the second. The play had great actors that always kept the play interesting and engaging. They tried to involve the crowd as much as possible. The most exciting part was the second half of the play where most of us decided to stand because when it came to the battle fake blood would come flying at you, but not too far.  It washed out easily. It was a really fun experience and I recommend you all to go’. 

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