Wednesday – Mufti Day with a gold donation.  The community council will collect in vertical form time


Thursday – Head Shaves in the hall at lunchtime, we have 10 students who have signed up to have their head shaved. The sports council are also running teacher – student challenges and a sign up sheet is on teams.


Friday – Bike Bash


Normal bell times

Most house leaders will be out of class throughout the day, a roll will be taken

Year 9 students will ride in period 1, year 10 period 2, year 11 period 3, year 12 period 4 and year 13 period 5. 

Only students signed up to ride should be in the main body of the hall.

Students need to be in a hall 5 mins before the start of the period, changed and ready (this means they MUST be wearing covered in shoes) – dressed in house colours.

Bikes will have Velcro dots attached to them for vertical form signs to be attached.

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