The Annual Sports Awards were held in the Cobham Hall, Pukekohe High School on Thursday 24 October.

Andrew Jeffcoat our guest speaker was a 4x national Short Course Open Champion in Backstroke and Freestyle. He competed in the 2018 World Championships in China and earlier this year he swam just 0.01 seconds off the New Zealand Open record for 50m Backstroke.

Kiana Swain invited Andrew to speak about his experiences in sport and the challenges he has faced as a professional athlete. A big congratulations go out to all of out ward winners on the night.

Major Sports Awards

Caitlyn Marx            All Round Sportswoman of the Year – C Pritchard Cup

Rawinder Singh       All Round Sportsman of the Year – 6A 1959 Cup

Kiana Swain            Most Outstanding Performance by a Girl – Lions Club Trophy

Ben Lowe                 Most Outstanding Performance by a Boy – Welander Shield

Swimming Team      Best All-Round Team – National Bank Cup, Commitment to Preparation and Performance – McQuoid Trophy

Bradley Johnston    Official of the Year – McKinnon Trophy

Aidan Sarginson     Fair Play Award – McMillan Trophy

Lucia Harris            Leadership in Sport – Ken Hemopo Trophy

Ella Herangi            Endeavour in Sport – Malcolm Hood Cup

Corey Perry             Sports Prefects Award – Sports Prefects Trophy

Players of the Year

Caitlin Dargaville – Girls’ Basketball – PHS Trophy

Malachi Tulafono – Boys’ Basketball – PHS Cup

James Swift – Clay Target Shooting – Stan Child Trophy

Raniya Buksh – Girls’ Cricket – Butterworth Trophy

Badhan Mali – Boys’ Cricket – Rowan Whyte Cup, Boys’ Football – John Slee Cup

Florry Kempster – Equestrian – PHS Trophy

Petra Batters – Girls’ Football – PTA Trophy

Regan Ross – Girls’ Hockey – PHS Cup

Jake Mitchell – Boys’ Hockey – 1982 Tournament Team Trophy

Alex Murphy – Girls’ Lacrosse – Caudwell Cup

Jessica Vandermeer – Netball – PTA Cup

Caitlyn Marx – Girls’ Orienteering – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Nathan Dowdall – Boys’ Orienteering – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Meg Grey – Rowing – Twining Cup

Kaylia Fraser Le’au – Girls’ Rugby – Pukekohe High School Trophy

James Martin – Rugby – Pukekohe High School Trophy

Kiana Swain – Swimming – Singhal Family Cup

Brayden Riggs – Table Tennis – Lamont Trophy

Keziah Tarapa – Waka Ama – Moana Whanau Trophy

Diesel Jakeman – Waka Ama – Tarapa Whanau Trophy

Sports Champions


Armani Tohaia Jnr Girls – Old Students Cup

Kaelan Paranihi Jnr Boys – John Callaghan Cup

Bronwyn Mitchell Int Girls – PTA Cup

Timothy Banks Int Boys – Crimmins Cup

Olivia Martin Snr Girls – Margaret Key Cup

Rawinder Singh Snr Boys – Howe & Weston Cup


Yasmin Brady-Leathem Jnr Girls – Salthouse Cup

Ronnie Woods Jnr Boys – Salthouse Cup

Benika Vandermeer Int Girls – Mitchell Cup

Cohen Brady-Leathem Int Boys – Mitchell Cup

Olivia Fausett Snr Girls – Janne Arkle Cup

Keegan McCort Snr Boys – Robson Cup


Tyler Chapman Jnr Girls – Wendy Watson Cup

Leon Duke Jnr Boys – Stephen Smith Trophy

Abbey Swain Int Girls – Barbara Grogan Cup

Blake Elliott Int Boys – Jack Bradstreet Cup

Tavarnya Howe Snr Girls – Susan Hood Cup

Keegan Neate Snr Boys – Eion Sheppard Cup

Cross Country

Armani Tohaia Jnr Girls – CM Sport Trophy

Leon Duke Jnr Boys – CM Sport Trophy

Bronwyn Mitchell Int Girls – PTA Cup

Caleb Moxon Int Boys – Monty Williams Cup

Jenna Lowe Snr Girls – 1970 Students F7 Cup

Jack Green Snr Boys – Liddon Wood Cup


Ronnie Woods Jnr Boys – Shepherd Family Trophy

Jemma Gold Snr Girls – Pukekohe High School Cup

Bradley Allen Snr Boys – Pukekohe High School Cup


Sport Trophies

Kaelan Paranihi Most Promising Athlete – Bowyer Trophy

Morgan Hill Most Improved Senior, Basketball – Reddish Trophy

Liam Dowdall Most Improved Junior, Basketball – MacFadyen Cup

Skie Parata Junior Girls Player of the Year, Basketball – PHS Trophy

Brody Perry -Junior Boys Player of the Year, Basketball – Grant Donaldson Memorial Trophy

Jacob Fry Most Promising 1st Year Shooter – McKenzie & Robertson Families Trophy

Blake Woods For Commitment and Determination to Clay Target Shooting – Douglas Family Trophy

Finn Williams Service to Cricket – Bill Waterhouse Trophy,

Umang Mehta Most Improved Player – William Massey Cup

Liam Webster Most Improved Junior Cricketer – Norman Kirk Trophy, 3rd XI Player of the Year – NZ Packaging and Tape Trophy – Fox Cup

Reanna Bregmen Girls Football Team Spirit Award – 1983 Girls Football Cup

Shaelyn Mills Player of the Tournament – Surinder Edwards Cup

Mikaela Hawley Most Promising Football Player – T & H Kingi Cup

Joyce Singh Most Promising B Grade Player – Girls Football B Grade Trophy

Jaedyn Hancock Service to Boys 1st XI Football – Britnell & Johnstone Trophy, Player of the Tournament – Lambourn Award

Harrison Darby Most Improved Football Player – Nigel Hicks Cup

Aditya Sharma 2nd XI Player of the Year – Rennell Cup

Ethan Langit Junior Player of the Year – Adam Kemp Trophy

Jasmine Niederberger Girls’ Hockey Challenge Award – Burnett Trophy

Mikaya Hurunui Girls Hockey Personality of the Year – Anita Hari Trophy, Player of the Tournament – Surinder Singh Trophy

Yara Smith Most Consistent 1st XI Player – 1st XI Girls Hockey Trophy

Kara Irwin Player of the Tournament – Surinder Singh Trophy, Service to Girls Hockey – PHS Trophy

Chloe Vivian Service to Girls Hockey – PHS Trophy

Priyanka Khusal Most Improved Junior Hockey Player – Gail Webster Cup

TJ Hurunui Boys Hockey Personality of the Year – PHS Trophy

Milan Patel Best All-Round Player – Pravin Hari Trophy

Aidan Trow Service to Boys Hockey – Cossill Trophy, Player of the Tournament – 1st XI Tournament Trophy

Akshay Uka Most Improved Junior Hockey Player – Burnett Cup

Nathan Soma Most Improved Hockey Player – Makan Bros Cup

Megan Kuhn Most Valuable Lacrosse Player – Murphy Panel & Paint

Beverly Tytherleigh Most Improved Lacrosse Player – Murphy Panel & Paint

Nyle Turuwhenua Lacrosse Rising Star, – Murphy Panel & Paint

Briar Warren Endeavour in Netball – Barbara Breen Cup

Genevieve Hemi Most Promising Player – Pukekohe Netball Trophy

Emily Peri Player of the Tournament – PHS Tournament Week Trophy

Caitlyn Marx Service to Netball – PHS Trophy

Kyla van Rijs Most Improved Female Orienteer – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Kiana Carter Most Improved Female Orienteer – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Nick Wilson Most Improved Male Orienteer – John & Val Robinson Trophy

Junior Girls Team Girls’ Team of the Year – Maree Wallace Trophy

Junior Boys Team Boys’ Team of the Year – Counties Manukau Orienteering Club Trophy

Fenton Loveday Service to Orienteering – The Robinson Trophy

Girls U-16 Coxed Quad Crew of the Year – Mercer Rowing Club Cup

Blake Elliott Fastest 100m Freestyle – Fulton Swim School Trophy

Arianna Moana Girls’ Most Improved Paddler – Tuhimata Whanau Trophy

James Martin Boys’ Most Improved Paddler – Nga Kaihoe O Te Puaha Waka Ama Club Trophy

Service to Sport

BasketballChristina Letcher, Bree Grant, Caitlin Dargaville, Jazmyn McGregor, Moana Parata, Abby Crane, Skie Parata, Corey Perry, Brody Perry, Sione Fonokalafi, Malachi Tulafono, Ethan Campbell, Noah Campbell, Caule Withers, Jackson Davis, Ryan Spick, Joseph Wilson, Jamie Joseph

Football Lucia Harris, Emma Bradley, Bradley Johnston, Sloan Africa

HockeyFinn Williams, Reanna Bregmen, Ashleigh Higgs, Riley Slack, Serena Ravji

EquestrianOlivia Martin

Netball Caitlyn Marx, Hannah Hogan, Leah Robinson, Yasmin Tyson

Rugby Keegan McCort, Liam Dowdall, Luke Platt


5 Years Consecutive Service to Sports Teams

Georgia Fisher – Football

Simone Moxon – Football

Jaedyn Hancock – Football

Jaedyn Hancock – Orienteering

Sports Representatives

NISS AthleticsKaelan Paranihi. Shaodahn Tonga-Awhikau, Rawinder Singh, Dassidy Smith

NZSS Cross Country Armani Tohaia, Sasha Robinson, Danica Dickson, Arizona Withers, Bronwyn Mitchell

Counties Regional Relay Team Armani Tohaia, Sasha Robinson, Danica Dickson, Arizona Withers, Bronwyn Mitchell

NZSS Clay Target ShootingJas Brady, William Cooling, Ben Fry, Jacob Fry, Cody Geck, Ryan Hill, Amy Hunter, Sean Keary, Caleb Marshall, Jack McWilliams, James Swift, Logan Teirney, Blake Woods

NZSS FloorballSimone Moxon, Kara Irwin, Jenna Lowe, Kalisha Uka, Jaedyn Hancock, Caleb Moxon, Aidan Trow, Badhan Mali. Milan Patel, Rawinder Singh

NZSS FutsalJaedyn Hancock, Caleb Moxon, Badhan Mali, Milan Patel, Ethan Bennett, Damien Lal, River Liuu, Bradley Morrison, Lavdeep Singh, Bayley Tucker

NZSS Gymsports Liam Quinn, Mason Johnston

NZSS India Cup HockeyBrodie Anderson, Riley Baxter, Colby Deed, Leon Duke, Logan Harding, TJ Hurunui, Hitesh Makan, Jake Mitchell, Braden Moko, Rushil Patel, Milan Patel, Phoenix Ryan, Nathan Soma, Aidan Trow, Aidan Toth, Akshay Uka

NZSS OrienteeringKiana Carter, Emma Hedley, Kyla van Rijs, Riley Jenkins, Fenton Loveday, Caitlyn Marx, Jasmine Niederberger, Aidan Sarginson, Jed Moloney, Nathan Dowdall, Finn Williams, Callum Farmer, Nick Wilson, Millie Norman, Samuel Roche, Mikaela Hawley, Samuel O’Connor, Leon Duke, Jaedyn Hancock, Sasha Robinson, Danica Dickson

NZSS Maadi Cup RowingDevon Benny, Caitlin Cottee, Gracie Dawson, Jayden Flanagan, Chelsea Grey, Meg Grey, Bradley Jenkins, Riley Jenkisn, Karl Kolmar, Ayden Lenssen, Jaymie Lenssen, Drew McGuigan, Braden Morrison, Josh Morrison, Cameron Preston, Madison Prowse,  Teah Robergs, Fabio Rodriques, James Smith, Nathan Tunzelmann, Alex Van der Vegte, Nicholas Van der Vegte, Caitlin van Rijs

NZSS SwimmingTyler Adams, Tyler Chapman, Ernestine de Bruin, Sarah Dodd, Blake Elliott, Mikaela Hawley, Nathan Hickmott, Jorja McKenzie, Spencer Menzies, Keegan Neate, Jasmine Niederberger, Millie Norman, Leon Duke, Willow Phillips, Kiana Swain, Abbey Swain


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