After some outstanding efforts in the pool on Friday, the canny webbed feet of Perkins, led by the immortal water baby herself, Mrs Allen, took out the annual title again at the Jubilee Pools.
Please see the detailed results and performances below. A big well done to everyone involved.

PUKEKOHE HIGH SCHOOL Swimming Champions 2019

Junior Girls

  • Champion Tyler Chapman Blake
  • 2nd Armani Tohaia Perkins
  • 3rd Willow Phillips Jellicoe

Junior Boys

  • Champion Leon Duke Massey
  • 2nd Ashton Harris Blake
  • 3rd= Brayden Grant Massey
  • 3rd= Jordan Vivian Day

Intermediate Girls

  • Champion Abbey Swain Massey
  • 2nd Mikaela Hawley Day
  • 3rd Jasmine Niederberger Day

Intermediate Boys

  • Champion Nathan Hickmott Perkins
  • 2nd Blake Elliott Perkins
  • 3rd Spencer Menzies Day

Senior Girls

  • Champion Tavarnya Howe Perkins
  • 2nd Simone Moxon Jellicoe
  • 3rd Bridget Sullivan Perkins

Senior Boys

  • Champion Keegan Neate Perkins
  • 2nd Richard Petty Massey
  • 3rd Milyo Kolarov Blake

Fulton Swim School Trophy Blake Elliott 56.93s


  • Nathan Hickmott
  • Keegan Neate
  • Leon Duke
  • Jasmine Niederberger
  • Spencer Menzies
  • Tyler Chapman
  • Abbey Swain

Records Broken by

  • Blake Elliott 100m Int Free 57.60s (Daniel Fulton 58.91s 2003)

House Results

  • 1st Perkins
  • 2nd Massey
  • 3rd Blake
  • 4th Day
  • 5th Jellicoe

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