EPro8 Winners.

On Thursday 26th July, two teams from Pukekohe High School competed in the EPro8 Challenge at Rosehill college. The challenge is to solve problems using an assortment of gears, wheels, pulleys, weights, tools, aluminium framing, motors and electronics. The challenges range from engineering to art, electronics to mathematics and all involve a high degree of problem solving and team work.

The teams were 2 or 12 teams from seven different schools across the south Auckland area. The destroyers were the first to win points and went on to win the tournament with 420 points. X Force struggled with the first challenge but went on to devised a clever strategy to earn extra points and came in 2nd with 340 points.

Both teams will progress to the Semi-Final, which is to be held at Mission Heights Junior College on 16 August, starting at 5pm. They will again, battle it out with ten other teams to compete four more challenges and hopefully problem solve themselves through to the final. This time the challenges will be more open-ended and require a greater degree of innovation in order to be completed.

The team members were as follows.

The Destroyers: Jaydon Fox, Joel Hawkins, Jasmine Niederberger, Samuel Roche.

X-Force: Lilly Fox, Ethan Lim, Heather Smith, Stanley Yip

epro pukekohe high school

epro pukekohe high school

pukekohe high school