Calcex Auckland Maths Competition Success:

We had four year 13 calculus students compete in the Auckland wide Calcex contest last night. There were approximately 60 teams across the wider Auckland area competing across multiple venues last night.
The team was made up of Sophia Chen, Charlotte Colyer, Angus Eason and Cameron Woods. The format was the same as the junior Mathex with teams which was held earlier in the year.
The questions focused on Differentiation, Integration and Complex Number with some knowledge of trigonometric identities. There were also some maths puzzles included for a bit of variety.
At the end of the half hour time period, the team had tied with for 1st place with 60 points out of 100. This put them in a tie-breaker with ACG Strathallan which they unfortunately lost putting them in 2nd place.
Their overall ranking is yet to be confirmed.