Academic Goal Setting Conferences for Term 3

Dear Caregiver

We are pleased to invite you to our next Academic Conference to be held on Thursday 13th September and Friday 14th September 2018.

The Term 3 conferences are an opportunity for students to share their learning journey, review goals discussed in Term 1, plan clear next steps for learning and confirm subject selections ready for 2019.

Students have a range of feedback and data to report, including Attitude to Learning comments and NCEA grading exam results for senior students.
They will be able to explain what they have learned so far and what they will need to do to improve and continue to succeed. Vertical form teachers expect to meet with each of their students, parents / caregivers / whaanau for approximately 20 minutes.

To confirm your attendance at this Academic Conference, you can make an appointment with the vertical form teacher by going to the following website:

Click on the “Make A Booking” link at the top of the page, enter the generic code below, and then follow the prompts:


Further detailed instructions can be found in the document below or

The vertical form teacher can also make an appointment for the caregiver – please contact the school if this is what you need.

We look forward to a successful meeting.

Kind regards

Richard Barnett


Academic Conferences 2018

Term 3 academic conferences will be held on the following days:

Thursday 13 September, from 1 pm until 7 pm 

Normal classes – periods 1, 2 and 3 only – classes finish at 12:30 pm

Friday 14 September 8:30 am until midday.

No classes scheduled


The conferences are an opportunity for our students to share their learning journey and plan next steps.

Leading up to the academic conferences students should be;

Gathering feedback and examples of where they are at with their learning (this could take the form of)

  • Attitude to Learning comments and marks,
  • Online feedback from other OneNote books,
  • Exam feedback
  • Examples of work scanned or photographed (pieces of topic tests with comments, pages from physical workbooks, videos or photos of experiments, physical education lessons, artworks or technology projects)

Reflecting on their previous goals and planning new ones (for seniors this is a perfect opportunity to discuss whether students are on target for NCEA success and what needs to be achieved in the remaining time)

Making final decisions for their 2019 subject selection (due 14thSeptember). This will be supported by the “Designing my Future” workbook will be available to students in their Office 365 account.